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Letters to the Editor: “The Decline Of An Easily Offended Society”


It began slowly. Society started being easily offended. Many embracing the mentality of ONLY their opinion matters. Before long statues were being removed, labels on products were being changed or removed and even toys had to be censored for the easily offended tender people. Flags started being taken down and certain religions demonized as well as parts of society from a different generation and time. Letters to the ed 1

Violence erupted across the country as people thought this was an answer to problems largely overhyped by irresponsible media controlled by their puppet master owners and politicians who they married in with. The violence was deemed acceptable by these politicians depending on of course whose side you were on. Other violence, if it opposed their hidden sneaky agenda was condemned, demonized, and outlawed. Odd how easily the switch flipped on the acceptable violence issue.

An almost anything-goes mindset on sexuality was embraced and promoted. Lowering the bar of acceptance to a level of debauchery beyond comprehension in my opinion as the efforts of the gay community have at times been “hijacked” by others who want to legalize pedophilia. The bar of acceptance just continues to lower with each passing week. If you speak out or say anything against it, you are deemed a racist. You end up demonized as a hater because of your own belief system which no longer counts or matters.

With everything going on in Government, American society, and the world the big concern in the headlines was that “Mr. Potato Head” wasn't transgender and this offended people. I can't even fathom what kind of mindset during a pandemic of people dying but fretting over “Mr. Potato Head” hurting their feelings was what they deemed an important issue. Also, a top priority to them was that “Dr. Seuss” wrote racist books so they were removed from the “Reading Across America” program with Government intervention endorsing it? The Government deemed Dr. Seuss a racist to the delight of these tender people with their dainty little feelings.

As for our government, they mistakenly think they were elected by the entire world to represent everyone. The problem enters in when they now represent everyone, EXCEPT legal American citizens. If you are a white, Christian male, gun-owning, legal law-abiding citizen you have NO representation to speak of. If you are an illegal, criminal, border jumping gang member, our Government welcomes you in, gives you handouts and freebies. They give the aforementioned white male Christian law-abiding legal citizen the bill for it all.

You can defend YOUR opinions and ideals and that's deemed alright and acceptable. I defend my rights and speak up and I get demonized as a racist hater to counter your tender easily offended feelings. You fail to realize you have played into exactly what the agenda wants. A divided society of people, incapable of critical thinking, using legalized drugs (to create controllable disarmed docile society), dependent on the Government for EVERYTHING like lemmings who could not unite or agree on anything even if they wanted to.

If you don't think that is true. Let's get a good look at voting. Does anyone contest the idea that voting now consists of little more than deciding between the lesser of evils? Do you call that a choice? It's like deciding which punishment suits you best. The Politicians speak of “bipartisan” government, yet play the game of division against us all like masters who know nothing of “bipartisan” or its meaning. What is truly frightful to me is that if we look at history, the agenda they promote follows closely and scarily to that of the NAZI party of the late '30s and early '40s. The only large difference is, it's sneakier, slower, and slowly indoctrinating and infiltrating our society from youngest to oldest. In spite of subtle differences in the agenda be assured it is yet another slow ride through hell and to ruination.

I quote an old saying from an age-old gone leader. “The chickens have come home to roost”. Over many years people voted for failure time and again. They believed the lies and rhetoric and were duped again and again. The people embraced an anything-goes mentality of lost sight of morals, ethics, and integrity. Everything is acceptable now, and feelings are hurt by butter package labels and pancake boxes, or not having everything deemed gender-neutral. Old values or gone and lost. Life will forever be altered and not in a good way as a society will find out for itself in time. It will be to late and the mistakes made will have to be paid and accounts bought up to date as “The chickens come home to roost”.


Earl Foster