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Guide for safe gambling in Thailand

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Among all the other things that Thailand is famous for, gambling is one of them. All the gambling activities take place in the underground. Thus, it is predicted to be unsafe for the locals and the tourists who visit here. It is advised for the tourists not to indulge in gambling at all. Even then, if one is hell-bent on playing a bet in Thailand's casinos, they should be well aware of all the rules and regulations. There are a few rules and regulations to be kept in mind to have a relatively safe bet.


Why shouldn't you play offline casinos?


It is unsafe to play in Thailand's offline land casinos as gambling is illegal under the Gambling Act. B.E., 2478. Apart from the national lottery and horse race betting, no gambling activities are allowed in Thailand. In any form, casino games with or without the involvement of monetary exchange are considered gambling. Thus, any form of involvement in gambling is considered an illegal offense. Under the law, anyone caught gambling on these forms are subject to a fine and imprisonment.


If anyone found illegal gambling in Thailand, they are charged 1000 THB and almost a year's imprisonment. It would be wise to limit the amount of time you spend hanging around underground betting parlors in Thailand. The same thing also applies to wagers placed online. If you get caught placing a bet over the internet, you’ll face the same penalties as anyone caught at a local bookmaker. It’s exceedingly rare for people to get in trouble for gambling online, but it is possible.


What's the safest alternative to local casinos?


If one is determined to gamble in Thailand, online casinos are the greatest pick. These stand-alone, online casinos like the G Club are comparatively safe and off the government's radar. The police, too, do not involve themselves searching for every individual placing bets on the online casinos in Thailand. It is advised to keep a low profile and gamble from one's safe space, like home or dwelling. This keeps individual players safe from getting caught. Considering that policemen do not search private homes to check whether the homeowners are betting in online casinos or not, you can consider Online Casinos a bit safer than underground casinos.


There are a host of safety measures that are lined up for online casino gamblers. If the individual wishes to play poker or play a bit in the casino online, the first rule is to keep the matter to themself. Going around telling people you placed a bet or won one is not a wise option in Thailand, as gambling is banned. The next thing to keep handy is a convincing justification of how do you have sudden access to that huge chunk of women you might win. Online betting in casinos like G-Club offers many bonuses and opportunities to win, but the victory should not become the talk of the town. Especially for the visitors and tourists, deportation is a very high risk as these Thailand authorities do not consider betting a legitimate business and block access to such websites. To avoid that, you should pick a VPN service that will remove blocking.

Thus, although land casinos are banned, and online casinos work tremendously in Thailand, one should consider all the risks attached to betting in the best online casinos in Thailand like G-Club and others. In the greed, without studying the gambling laws and playing huge bets, one might incur a loss and be looked at as defaulters in the eyes of the law.


Where to get promotions for local online casinos 


To market new and promising online casinos like G-Club in Thailand, there are a few techniques. The first and foremost technique is to have a highly functional website up and running. It is the first point of contact for the players. Thus it should serve the purpose of providing complete information. Other full-proof ways to promote online casinos are to have an updated newsletter in the form of an email and a blog that serves as a gambling guide to players that land at the casino's website.


All in all, it is important to have updates about the laws and legality of gambling before diving right in and making huge bets in the online casinos in Thailand.