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The popularity of cycling around the world is growing every season, exceeding 2 billion in 2020. And women, like men, are happy to sit on a bicycle and pedal tirelessly. However, the variety of styles and models makes choosing a bike difficult, especially for women. After all, they want to get not just the best bike, but certainly a woman's one. Manufacturers studied the rating of preferences of the fair sex, took into account their wishes and developed a special bike for them. Further scientific developments and technical progress have made it possible to improve bicycle bikes, and the best women road bikes from 2019 - 2020 are real two-wheeled works of art.


A modern women's bike should be durable, lightweight, fast, and stylish. The best option for girls in 2020 is a carefully selected bike with an aluminum or carbon frame for a lightweight design. The women's bike is designed for a low seating position since when braking, ladies tend to jump forward, which is explained by their lower stature compared to men. Also, the ranking of women's preferences 2019-2020 includes large wheels, thanks to which the bike's ride becomes softer. In this case, one must be prepared for an increase in the load on the legs.

Intending to buy the best women's bike, first of all, you should decide on the places in which you will mainly have to ride. If the rating of your favorite trails is topped by a park near your house or the nearest cycle path, you should choose a road bike. In the event that off-roading is at the top of the list of priorities, it makes sense to purchase a mountain bike. For those who like speed, the road is the best option. For each type of two-wheeled vehicle, most manufacturers also present a wide range of women.


The best bike for women of the 2019-2020 model, in order to enter the ranking of the most successful, must have the following characteristics: Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 19.16.05

  • light weight - mass directly affects speed and stability. Also, as a rule, women weigh slightly less than men. According to modern norms, the best women's bike should not weigh more than 13 kg to enter the ranking;
  • a certain material of manufacture - modern aluminum alloy or carbon can significantly reduce the weight of a two-wheeled vehicle. Chrome-molybdenum bikes have proven themselves well;
  • optimal size. When choosing a women's bike from the list, the main criterion is to determine the optimal tube size under the saddle. With a girl's height of 160 cm, the best frame size is 40 cm, with a height of 180 - about 50 cm. The legs should be fully extended at the lowest pedaling point;
  • with a shortened connecting rod - short stature does not allow for the full transfer of force when the bike is equipped with a standard connecting rod. Therefore, the best option for short girls is large with a reduced connecting rod length;
  • narrow rudder - the female gender has narrow shoulders, so manufacturers of two-wheeled vehicles complete their best women's range with narrower rudders. To ensure reliable braking, it is possible to adjust the distance between the handle and the brake;
  • improved shock absorption - to enter the rating, it must be equipped with soft shock absorbers, taking into account the lower weight of the fair sex, in order to ensure greater safety and increase comfort;
  • anatomical saddle - the rating of the most comfortable is headed by a short and wide saddle, made taking into account the anatomical features of the girls;
  • and finally - stylish design.


Experts note that choosing the best women's bike is much more difficult than the best mens road bike. In addition to the special requirements of girls for design and color, cycling must have a whole list of features, without which the comfortable operation of a bike by a woman becomes impossible. The current information from this article will help you make your choice and purchase the best option included in the rating.


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