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David JC Cutler Lists down Ways to Identify Support Sources for Staff Amidst the Pandemic Outbreak 


Workplace stress is sure to consume most employees, including the institutions' teaching and non-teaching staff. Before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, many faced a negative impact on their physical and mental health. During the current situation, employees are striving to create workplaces that are positive and look after an employee's health Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 11.22.34situations. 

David JC Cutler Puts Forward the Plight of Senior Leaders in Institutions 

Senior leaders are finding motivating and supporting their staff a massive challenge. It is evident that COVID-19 has affected both the staff's personal and professional lives, who are presently trying to cope with several issues, such as vulnerability, anxiousness, and fear. Senior leaders should know that it is essential to recognize that everyone goes through lows and ups and lacks motivation. Such an emotional response during such circumstances is entirely reasonable. When staff knows that their heads are supportive enough towards their personal and professional areas, they will focus intact.

Bonding with the Staff

David JC cutler states that an employee works best when their leaders trust them to deliver clear objectives. An environment of open and honest communication can help nurture such an aim. Since many teams work from home, managers need to focus on putting forward modest demands, keeping in mind their essential COVID care duties. 

Facilitate Communication between the Staff

With the pandemic situation across the world, there is a decreased communication level across the staff members. Helping each other connect can energize them and encourage them to reach out to people they can offer their support. Developing a strong sense of support beyond the workgroups can augment the resilience level in the employees. In such times, resilience plays a significant role in getting the employees back to work even after a severe breakdown. 

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Encouragements to Stay Positive

Positivity can go a long way if you start nurturing it at every small stage. The management can support the staff's creativity and their courage in handling difficult situations throughout the year. Little appreciation that can acknowledge them, coupled with noticing small things that they do, can render the organization huge success levels through loyal employees. 

In addition to that, provide the employees with positive feedback to keep them going. If you notice negative or lacking results, try to motivate the person discreetly. If their work adds up to the organization's negativity level, consider a one-on-one discussion to understand their issues and support them in overcoming their challenges. 

Reduce the Micro Monitoring 

Even though managers need to keep in touch with their teams,  opt for a trial and error situation to check out what works best for your team. Since your staff will include different types of people from different backgrounds, you must consider their mental health too amidst the pandemic. None of us want to feel that we are under surveillance all the time. Therefore, make sure you debrief the sessions and discuss with your staff the fundamental motives and aims.

Senior leaders should focus on becoming human support to their struggling staff and managers at the second point. Encouraging staff to give their best at such a time and overcome all negatives is crucial for their success and the entire community's success.