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Covid19: The biggest hit to the economy in decades 


Will 2021 be the year in which the world takes back control of the economies and puts an end to the pandemic of Coronavirus? The pandemic that has now harassed most parts of the world for almost a year has cost us much. Not only human lives, stress, serious limitations on our freedom, but also money. It has Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 9.11.32affected businesses all over the world in ways that we cannot imagine, and a lot of great and otherwise healthy businesses have had to shut down. When the market close and thus the demand fell - or not as much the demand as really the ability to go out and buy the products that you need - we have had almost all companies and businesses all the way from restaurants, event hosting locations to photo studio reporting KPIs that are seriously affected by the lack of demand.

So how do you recover?

Is there a way of doing so even if you have been as close to the edge as ever before? It is difficult to say, however, there are ways that you can try to enhance your chances on the market and improve your survival odds. Taking it online, for example, is a great way of meeting the requirements that have been given to the businesses that have survived Corona. If you are selling certain products in a physical store in a city somewhere and you have been forced to shut down, the good businessman you think immediately: “We have to go online and sell it.” Now we know that it is not all products which are fit for online sale but do consider the option. Setting up a website and promoting it is something that most people can teach themselves online, because of all the help you can get from people online.

Going online

If you have decided to try the online version, getting started is not as hard and skill demanding as you might think. Looking up videos and guides on Youtube for example will get you far. Setting up a basic website can be done in programs like WordPress, which is generally a very user-friendly program and a lot of people have posted guides to help navigate through the program. When you have set up the website, the online marketing of the site is of high importance as people will not be able to find the site unless you tell them about it. That is why it is a good idea to use social media - first of all because it will allow you to reach out to a lot more people within your target group than with many other solutions, but also because the usage of social media has risen a lot during the last year, where the social events have been very limited.


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