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China Committed To Spreading COVID-19 Disinformation


TRENTON, NJ--According to New Jersey Home Security as distribution of COVID-19 vaccines begins in the United Kingdom and United States, China continues to shift blame for concealing the virus’ severity by disseminating new falsehoods about its origins and misrepresenting scientific and medical experts.

These attempts to discredit verified facts can be replicated to target the reliability of vaccines approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Such efforts could dissuade segments of the population from receiving inoculations, increasing infections and mortality rates in the United States.

  • China has previously blamed Americans for bringing the pandemic to its country during the Military World Games in Wuhan in October 2019. A recent paper by a group of scientists affiliated with the state-run Chinese Academy of Sciences indicated that the virus could have broken out in India before spreading to China. That 22-page article has since been removed from the academic website. It was the latest in a series of allegations Chinese scientists made to argue that the virus first surfaced in Italy, Spain, or elsewhere before spreading to China.

  • Chinese propaganda used photos of Dr. Alexander Kekulé, the director of the Institute for Biosecurity Research in Halle, Germany, in a misleading way under headlines that read, “China is innocent!” His research was taken out of context to suggest that the coronavirus pandemic began in Italy and not China, which Dr. Kekulé has claimed is false.

  • China continues its disinformation campaign to shift blame away from its wet markets as the source of the outbreak. Most recently, China placed blame on contaminated frozen food from various countries such as Brazil, Germany, Australia, Russia, Norway, Chile, and Ecuador. The World Health Organization has stated there is no evidence of the virus being transmitted via the latest claim. Experts said that even if a spread from frozen food occurred, packaged food alone cannot explain why the first major outbreak took place in Wuhan, China.