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5 Cannabis and Nicotine Products On the Rise


With cannabis becoming more legal around the world, and with more science coming out surrounding the benefits of the more legal, nonpsychoactive versions of cannabis, the industry has been skyrocketing.


This movement isn’t necessarily linked to more smoking. Many of the cannabis products are not consumed via smoking, and actually, plenty of tobacco-related innovation has come from a desire to quit smoking. Here are our top 5:


Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches have been under development for many years, but they’re becoming increasingly effective at helping smokers quit. Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free, meaning the user gets their nicotine scratch itched but with none of the tar. Whilst they used to be placed on the arm and attributed to having wild dreams, they now come in the form of refreshing gum sticks, that sit in the mouth and release flavors and nicotine. Because of this, they’re incredibly easy to consume, and even means one can receive nicotine in non-smoking areas such as a plane.



CBD oil has boomed in popularity for its endless benefits and negligible side effects. With very low traces of THC, CBD oil has become very popular in countries where cannabis remains illegal. While it isn't psychoactive, it can produce many similar benefits, such as helping seizures, anxiety, sleep issues, arthritis, and so on. Express CBD has a wide range of CBD oil products that cater to these needs. Cannabis stocks have been on the rise, and CBD oil is a big factor within that



Cannabis Chocolate

Once CBD becomes normalized and consumers were educated on its benefits, it was only a matter of time before its consumption was delivered in a more creative form. A common product is cannabis chocolate, which places the CBD into a delicious snack - that can also be healthy when dark. Furthermore, the THC kind has also gained popularity in the legal states of the US, overtaking weed brownies which used to be the standard edible.


Cannabis Cocktails

CBD cocktails are getting increasingly more exposure since the recent innovation. Several bars in LA are running CBD cocktails as a fun, health-conscious leisurely drink that could see its way into Europe soon. Whilst THC cocktails aren’t so common yet, CBD beer is gaining a tonne of traction. The CBD influences the aromas and tastes - exactly what craft beer enthusiasts are interested in. In fact, they’re combining zero alcohol beer with the idea of CBD beer, creating what could be a great tool for alcoholics. 


Cannabis beauty products

Finally, the beauty industry can’t keep its hands off a new trend as usual. Those interested in skincare weren’t exactly the target demographic for CBD, but this is precisely why there is so much room for growth in this market. As it becomes introduced and with its benefits realized, such as helping fight acne and hydration qualities, then this will be a match made in heaven. This is the market worth paying the most attention too, and will likely rely heavily on influencer marketing. Inevitably, this will extend to CBD bath bombs and scrubs, along with lip gloss and mascara. because of the pain relief qualities, they have a lot to offer with spa-related health products.