Capitol Police Chief Sund: The group consisted of 1000s of well-coordinated, well equipped violent criminals
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As we watch the impeachment circus on C-Span we keep waiting for someone from the Senate to bring out the truth about what actually happened that day, January 6.  The Majority of Democrats instead insisted that Trump incited the crowd and was responsible for the storming of the Capitol building by his CNB Editorialsupporters. 


However, the recent letter from Steven A. Sund, former Chief of Police of the U.S.Capital Police to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, contains information about that day that proves just the opposite. And, as expected this information has gotten very little attention from the mainstream media or the Democrats in Congress.


Sund said at 12:52 PM he received word that a pipe bomb had been located at the Republican National Committee headquarters, immediately adjacent to the Capitol Grounds. "At the same time, we observed a large group of individuals approaching the West Front of the Capitol."


Sund said, "When the group arrived at the perimeter, they did not act like any group I had ever seen. Unlike other heated protests, these protestors did not simply congregate to angrily voice their grievances. As soon as this group arrived at our perimeter, they immediately began to fight violently with the officers and to tear apart the steel crowd barriers, using them to assault the officers. It was immediately clear that their primary goal was to defeat our perimeter as quickly as possible and to get past the police line. This mob was like nothing I have seen in my law enforcement career. The group consisted of thousands of well-coordinated, well equipped violent criminals. They had weapons, chemical munitions, protective equipment, explosives, and climbing gear.  A number of them were wearing radio earpieces indicating a high level of coordination. "



 The Chief said it was clear to him at 1 PM, "that the situation was deteriorating rapidly." He called for assistance from the U.S.Secret Service Uniformed Division and other law enforcement agencies. "I notified the two Sergeant at Arms (House and Senate) by 1:09 PM that I urgently needed support and asked them to declare a State of Emergency and authorize the National Guard. I was advised by Mr. Irving, (the House Sgt-of-Arms) he needed to run it up the  chain of command." 


At 1:50 pm, according to Sund, another pipe bomb was found at the  Democratic National Committee headquarters, as well as a vehicle with explosives and weapons, all within proximity of the Capitol grounds. 


"In the Command Center, I could see that the officers were fighting with all they had to protect the Capitol building. I saw officers hit with pipes, wooden sticks, flag poles, and sprayed with mace and bear spray, all while trying to defend themselves against projectiles being directed at them. 


Throughout the afternoon Sund continued to request help from the National Guard. "Almost two hours later, by 4 PM, we had still not received authorization from the Pentagon to activate the National Guard. The first 150 members of the Guard were not sworn on Capitol grounds until 5:40 pm, four and half hours after I first requested them and three and a half hours after my request was approved by the Capitol Police  Board. I still cannot fathom why in the midst of an armed insurrection, it took the Department of Defense over three hours to approve an urgent request for National Guard support. "


Sund said, "What occurred on January 6 cannot be considered under any circumstances a protest, a rally, or civil disobedience. This was a well planned, coordinated, armed insurrection at the United States."


The facts presented by Chief Sund support Trump's argument that his speech earlier that day did not cause what happened on January  6.  This incident was a well-coordinated attack on our country by people that wanted to blame the former president for this insurrection.

Sadly there are those in Washington who don't want to know who was behind the rabble-rousing insurgency.  They are content with blaming Trump and nobody else.

We had hoped to see President Biden's campaign promise of mending the division in our country come true. Unfortunately, we are seeing just the opposite. This political witch hunt will do nothing but divide our country even further. 


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