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What are the reasons to become a PA?


Today, many people aspire to become a PA, which is one of the best healthcare professions. Becoming a PA comes with several advantages that, at times, it becomes difficult to argue against pursuing this career. 

However, do you need some convincing about becoming a PA? If yes, here are a few reasons that will help you. 

  1. Versatility

The PAs practice in every medical setting, specialty, and state to enhance healthcare quality and access. You can think of any specialty the PAs will care for the patients. A PA can practice in cardiothoracic surgery, pathology, emergency medicine, dermatology, and family medicine. Every specialty has its own set of practice guidelines and responsibilities. Hence, if you want to try a different specialty, you can. 

  1. Work-life balance

The other advantages of this profession are to have a life other than a full-time job! When you are a PA, you can have hobbies, families, and time off, and you don't need to be on duty 24 x 7. There are a few specialties that can get a bit more demanding than the others. However, in general, you can enjoy the off days without thinking about your work. 

  1. A competitive earning

Based on the 2018 AAPA salary report, PAs have a median salary of $105,000. The annual salary is dependent on various factors such as specialty, location, and years of experience. The pay will enable the PAs to have a good standard of living and provide for their families. 

  1. Length of the school

The majority of the PA programs have duration of 23 to 28 months based on Career-concept-meaning-physician-assistant-phrase-sheet-188720041the school. It's after you get the bachelor's degree. Compared to this, the medical school includes four years of extra classes after the bachelor's degree, followed by an internship or residency for three years and a fellowship. When you are a PA, you will diagnose and treat patients soon after graduating from the PA program. To know more about this, you can check out My PA Resource. 

  1. You can give back to the community

As a PA candidate, you will get trained based on the medical model. It will provide you adequate exposure to various aspects of medicine. The in-depth training will enable you to identify and treat ailments of several types. With this know-how, you can help to volunteer in various clinics. There are PAs that go to work with several medical relief charities. 

  1. Build a relationship with patients

Most people get on with this field because they want to work with others. Working as a PA, you will get the chance to create a difference in people’s life. You can assess and treat the patients successfully. And in the process, you can get to know about their lives and other facets. You can provide them with ample support and win their trust. There is no scope for you to be a stranger here as you get to develop a bond with your patients. 

These are some of the main advantages of working as a PA. If you get convinced, you can follow this path for your career.