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Video: China Blames Record Smog on Firecrackers



Two Chinese netizens have disappeared. That’s after they and a group of others tried to celebrate the Lunar New year by mocking the head of the Communist Party.

Beijing endures heavy smog over the holiday weekend. At its worst, levels of one pollutant reached 20 times higher than what air quality standards deem safe.

Flowers are sold out in Wuhan. They’re commemorating those who passed away because of the pandemic. And major US banks are financially supporting China’s military. Some have invested billions of dollars in a Chinese cell phone maker, tied to the country's military. 00:00


00:40 Netizens go missing amid plans to mock Xi Jinping

01:25 Thick smog covers Beijing Lunar New Year

03:18 Migrant workers separated from families

05:31 Flowers for the dead sold out in Wuhan

07:43 Virus prevention strategies continue amid holiday

08:53 City still under lockdown despite no new cases

10:12 US bank investment aids China's military expansion

12:56 Apparently staged vice premier's visit criticized

14:15 School requires students to disclose beliefs

15:52 Chinese lawyer receives human rights award in jail