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Trying to Keep a Restaurant Cleaned is a Daunting Task


It is quite difficult for the restaurant staff to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the premises. This is impossible in places where there is always a large stream of visitors. But cleanliness is the “calling card” of any good restaurant. By how clean the guest room is, you can judge the sanitary conditions in the kitchen. If visitors see dirt on the floor or on other surfaces in a restaurant where they have come to rest and relax, then there is a high probability that they will not come here again. Cleanliness is the first thing visitors look at, so there shouldn't be a single hint of dirt in the room.


The importance of cleaning restaurants lies in the following factors:


  • visitors will appreciate the offered service in a clean area;
  • new customers will respond positively to your place and share their impressions with others;
  • favorable conditions will help restaurant employees to provide service at a high quality level;
  • regular maintenance of cleanliness will prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria;
  • your restaurant cleaning miami fl will not be fined or downgraded with mandatory verification.


Surfaces that have not been cleaned permanently can become a source of dirt residues in food that are prepared in the kitchen and spread to customers' tables. Even a small omission and serving a dish with a hint of dirt will forever discourage the client from coming back here again.


The cleaning services of leading companies will never allow a restaurant rating to be downgraded. Shen has a reputation as a leader in the cleaning services market for many years. We employ only qualified employees who are equipped with:


  • the most advanced technologies ;
  • safe detergents;
  • special uniform.


We choose detergents that do not contain harmful components and provide maximum efficiency.


All employees undergo various professional courses. On the call goes not only the cleaning staff, but also the manager who:


  • gives orders to improve services and increase their efficiency;
  • controls the quality of work;
  • takes into account the customer's comments.


Each of our employees knows very well what kind of detergents to use for the treatment of different surfaces.


You can order a one-time service or conclude an agreement for permanent cooperation. Our employees perform:


  • daily cleaning;
  • dry or wet cleaning;
  • dust cleaning;
  • general cleaning;
  • cleaning the room after the holiday;
  • maintenance of cleanliness;
  • cleaning the facade of buildings;
  • caring of the surrounding area;
  • disinfection.


The kitchen is cleaned especially carefully. All our employees are well aware that this place is the heart of any restaurant. To prepare the perfect dishes, all hobs and worktops must be spotlessly clean. For this purpose, a number of activities are performed


  • washing walls, floors and ceilings;
  • cleaning of household appliances;
  • cleaning of ventilation and hoods;
  • dust cleaning;
  • washing windows;
  • removal of the most stubborn dirt and stains;
  • cleaning the bathroom.


To male a perfect cleanliness of the restaurant, our employees thoroughly wash:


  • bar counters;
  • tables and chairs;
  • windows and window sills;
  • steps;
  • railings;
  • other surfaces.


The list of services can be supplemented with sterilization and disinfection measures.


Our services also include cleaning of fast food restaurants. These places are very busy. They can be busy with visitors throughout the day, what complicates the cleaning process. However, our specialists are trained to work in any conditions. Our main task is not only to clean up, but also not to disturb the visitors. Therefore, employees operate quietly, efficiently and without unnecessary fuss.


The cleaning of food courts requires special care. It is important  to ensure the cleanliness of the front line which is presented as a display case and equipment with a luminous menu. We pay attention to absolutely all the little things. We wash and dust all the hard-to-reach surfaces.


Shen is your trusted partner and cleaning contractor. To order our services, you just need to fill out a simple form on the website or call our office. We are ready to send specialists at a time convenient for you. You will receive detailed advice from the manager. The company guarantees impeccable service and a discount on the first cleaning.