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Rite Aide Will Be Distributing Vaccine; Date to be Announced

Rite Aide, as a Federal Retail Pharmacy Partner, will receive vaccine allocation from the federal government in five states and two jurisdictions: California, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and New York City. They may also receive dose allocation directly from additional state and local jurisdictions. Rite Aid does not determine vaccine supply or which individual groups are eligible, but we are supporting state and local distribution plans. For more detail see our eligibility guide below. 

Eligibility Information and Scheduling

For updated information on vaccine eligibility in your area and how to register for an appointment at Rite Aid, view our Eligibility Guide.
Vaccine doses are extremely limited. If you are unable to make an appointment, please be patient. Appointment availability is updated daily. Store and Pharmacy associates are not able to schedule appointments.

Vaccine Eligibility & Scheduling

Rite Aid is helping to administer vaccines in some areas, but is not currently able to schedule appointments directly. Please see our eligibility and registration guide for more information. In some instances, you may need to visit a county website instead of the state’s website for the most relevant information. If you’re unsure which page is relevant for you, we recommend checking both.

The Rite Aid locations and their registration links will be included on thestate’s list of vaccine sites beginning Friday