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Letter to the Editor: “THANK YOU JOE BIDEN”


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Thank you Joe Biden for opening American borders to illegals. You're making the country less safe for the legal citizens while ignoring the crime and criminal element and giving them a free pass. They are lined up at our border and waiting thanks to you.

Thank you Joe Biden for hurting more American business while they are already down. You are shutting down entities that were helping American businesses and citizens. Killing American jobs isn't a good answer Joe. Your less than one month in office and gas prices are climbing already and going to get much higher is my bet. 

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Thank you Joe Biden for rejoining useless global efforts regarding “climate” designed to bilk billions from America again with your blessing. We appreciate you wasting what little money the taxpayers have as their business's go under and they struggle to put food on the table. One has to wonder how many of your political “chums” stand to make money from this costly unproductive alliance designed more for personal gains and political hand washing than climate change.

Thank you Joe Biden for the hypocrisy of your campaign rhetoric and lies. As we waited for YOU to initiate plans so you claimed to better fight the Covid-19 pandemic. You bashed President Trumps efforts but seem now to have no plan of your own. Legal Americans have registered to be vaccinated but now await for the vaccine to be available. Meanwhile you push for vaccinating enemies in “GITMO” first, inmates and prisoners first. Thank you seriously for your lack of consideration once again for “legal American citizens” first. That was your plan???? 

Thank you Joe Biden for your choice of VP. Americans appreciate seeing a woman in high office who's morals and ethics can change and adapt so readily. Her stance on issues seem to change with her position and personal gain and it is duly noted. A woman who once endorsed bailing out and funding criminals is now condemning riots depending on what group it is a great example. One must be flexible and you sure picked the right woman for that job. 

Thank you Joe Biden for your efforts of trying to bypass and forget we have a congress and a process by doing as you please in executive orders. Your dictatorship mentality is also duly noted. 40 executive orders in your first 9 days. Your plan is to simply reinstate Obama era mistakes, and undo President Trumps fixing those mistakes and make mistakes of your own. You begin your term by setting us backwards years for Obama's failed agenda. Once again your consideration for “legal American citizens” is noted.

Thank you Joe Biden for being a 47 year “typical politician”. In no way do I infer "typical" as a compliment. Your pre-screened interviews and scripted press conferences are akin to some twisted reality television show. It is typical of the calculating self serving politicians that know they are lying. “Typical”. Just another “typical” politician bringing little to nothing to the table for legal American citizens as usual you forgot to represent. 

Thank you Joe Biden for ignoring that China was complicit in unleashing the Covid-19 virus on the world. The “WHO” refuses to acknowledge this also. The blood of the dead is on their hands as they continue to be a threat to the world. You are reportedly “tightening bonds” with them once again making America unsafe, as well as the world. 

Thank you Joe Biden for asking for “Unity” and “Working together”. You offered NOTHING of unity or working together, help or support under a different President but you have the outright gall to ask others for it now that YOU need it? Your hypocrisy has no limits. Your idea of “Unity and working together” appears to be more about “conform and submit”. Many American's aren't buying your rhetoric. I am one of them not buying it and I will give you as much respect as you gave President Trump.


Earl Foster