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Latest On The School Reopening Saga Across The Nation


Biden Administration Waffles, Media Tires Of Rhetoric

 And Unions Claim Their Actions Won’t Harm Students


WASHINGTON, D.C. The media finally appear to be losing patience at the Biden Administration’s waffling on the issue of school reopening. Joe Biden made school reopening and his ability to get it done quickly and safely a signature campaign promise. Many observers and fans were led to believe that given his extraordinary influence with the heads of the teacher's unions, he’d be able to prevail on them to move out of the way, knowing that their nemesis Donald Trump was no longer calling the shots.


video courtesy of Fox29

Meanwhile, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers president Jerry T. Jordan, who has long complained about not enough resources or assurances of safety to open, announced that the schools still would not open despite all of those conditions being met. 

Such actions in Chicago have Mayor Lori Lightfoot accusing the teachers union of being their own political party, and wanting to run the city.

As more parents rally to challenge the unscientific and continued closures of America’s schools, even the media are tiring of the contradictions.

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