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CNBNews Cheers & Jeers January & February 2021

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CHEER--The Gloucester High Lady Lions are off to a great start; they are unbeaten through their first seven games. Way to Go Lions.
JEER—The recent snowstorms have made it very difficult for people walking, especially when the owner of the property doesn't clear the snow from the walkway. What is especially annoying to pedestrians is being forced into the street because of an icy sidewalk. Most communities have an ordinance requiring sidewalks in their town to be cleaned within so many hours after the snow stops. In Gloucester City, the Snow and Ice Removal Ordinance, Chapter 73-15 adopted in April 1881 states in part, "All owners or occupants of any lots, building, sheds or cellars within the limits of Gloucester City shall be required to clean their property of snow and ice within 12 hours after the snow/ice has fallen."  According to Ordinance No. 007-2014 Chapter 73-16, the police are responsible for enforcing the law. Article IV, adopted 12-5-74 states "Any person or persons who violate any of the provisions of this chapter shall pay a fine of $30.
Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 22.15.27
(FEBRUARY 5 and 6, 2021) (L. to R.) Twin Bar sidewalk, Broadway and Market St., Dr. Cancell sidewalk, South Broadway, Rental property, Powell and Stites, City Playground, Lane, and Thompson Aves., below, Nicholson Road in front of the LL field and over the hump bridge the walk was impassable. The photos above and below were taken in Gloucester City days after January 31, 2021, nor'easter dumped several inches of snow on the South Jersey/Philadelphia area.  (CNBNews photos)
Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 22.32.28


CHEER--Gloucester Catholic's basketball star Ryan Roney scored his 1,000th career point on February 9 in a game against  Salem. The Rams edged Salem 61-58 to improve their overall record to 5-1. Roney scored 34 points to lead the way. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.12.08
photo source Gloucester Catholic HS

JEER--The Riverview Heights mail service continues to be as slow as molasses. As pointed out

Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 15.58.07
ACME Circular

before most weeks we don't receive our circulars until after the sale has ended. Most recently, ACME was having a 3-day special sale for chicken. The sale started on Friday, Feb. 5, and ended on Sunday, Feb. 7. We received the announcement on Wednesday, February 10, three days after the sale was over. We never know what time we will receive our mail. Most days it doesn't arrive until 6:30 PM, if not later. A few months ago a letter was sent to us on July 28 from Ohio, via priority mail.  We didn't receive it until August 31. Somehow it got lost in Pittsburg, PA. It is just wrong!

CHEER--Today's mainstream media, (print, TV, social), are own by billionaires who all have a political agenda be they Left or Right. And as you know they spin the news to fit their particular narrative. Fortunately, there is still a small minority who believe in the 1st amendment that allows a person to express themselves without censorship. Thank you! 

JEER-- New Jersey and other states require drivers to clean the snow off of their vehicle's roof before driving it. Yet, time and time again we continue to see those who think that law doesn't apply to them. Sooner or later your carelessness is going to cause an accident, maybe even a fatal one.  Please, take a few minutes and obey this law. Taking the time to clean the snow from your car just might save a life, and it could be your own. 

CHEER--Solterra, the trash contractor for Gloucester City, bypassed the trash at several homes in Riverview Heights earlier this month. Alex Tedesco, Supt. of the Public Works Department, was notified that day and within an hour city workers arrived took the trash away. Thank you!

JEER-- We, like others, were looking forward to the unity that the newly elected president had promised the country in his campaign speeches. But, as we all know now that pledge was nothing more than hot air. We thought too that once President Trump was gone the Political Elite would get back to doing the people's business. But, that too was just wishful thinking. As all of us know The Dems and The GOP have forgotten that they work for us. The Swamp needs to be drained. The only way that will happen is by ridding ourselves of these lifelong autocrats who have ruined our Country. We must vote them out of office, starting on the local level and working our way up to those in Washington.

JEER--Vandals sprayed painted and egged the home of Attorney Michael van Leer, who represented Donald Trump during his impeachment trial on Friday, February 12. The Republic needs to come together. Stop the hostility, and do it soon. To continue to travel down this path will lead us into another Civil War.  This is wrong. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 9.2.33

CHEER--The public works departments throughout South Jersey have done a good job keeping the highways clear of ice and snow for the past several weeks. A special tribute to those who work in the immediate area, specifically, Bellmawr, Brooklawn, Gloucester City, Gloucester Township, Runnemede, and Westville.

JEER--Every morning during the week customers waiting to place their order at The Brooklawn Dunkin' Donut Drive-Up window block Browning Road making it hard to navigate the street between U.S. Route 130 and Kings Highway. There has to be a better way. It is an accident waiting to happen.  

CHEER--A big shoutout to the front-line healthcare workers who face adversity every day and keep ongoing. Keep your chin up, stay strong and safe, and know that we see you !!! THANK YOU!!!!

JEER--At the December 2020 Gloucester City Board of Education meeting, the Board approved a $1.3 million dollar resurfacing of the High School football and track field. The Gloucester High School opened in 1961-62 and since that date, football teams from both Gloucester High and Gloucester Catholic played on a grass field. But not anymore. The grass is being replaced with a synthetic turf type material thanks to taxpayers in Gloucester City and Brooklawn. The exact cost for the work which includes resurfacing of the track is $1,374,917. For obvious reasons, this is not the time to be spending that kind of money.  Related: Eventually, The Well Will Run Dry



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