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Gloucester City Mayor and Council Approve Resolution Naming Professionals for 2021

Total estimated cost for 12 of the Contracts $1.2 Million; City Engineer Pennoni Associates, highest paid, at an estimated fee of $450,000

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(CNBNews)(Gloucester City, NJ)(February 1, 2021)--Gloucester City Mayor and Council on January 7 approved the following resolution appointing various professionals for the City of Gloucester City for the calendar Year 2021.

The estimated total cost for 12 of the 13 contracts is $1,234,000.

The cost for the city's Risk Management consultant, who is Conner, Strong, and Buckelew was not listed because the contract is provided by the Camden County Joint Insurance Fund. GEORGE E. NORCROSS, III serves as Executive Chairman of Conner Strong & Buckelew, one of the nation's largest insurance, risk management, and employee benefits brokerage and consulting firms.


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In other matters, the mayor and council appointed the Voorhees Animal orphanage to provide animal shelter services for a fee of $23,400; passed a temporary budget totaling $886,021; appointed Rutgers University to provide mental health services to city employees for a fee of $4,867. A resolution naming 2021 council committees appointed by Mayor Spencer was approved.

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