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A Guide to Starting Investment in Cryptocurrency


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It is no longer as complicated to start investing in cryptocurrency as it used to be. As the popularity of the alternative currency has risen, along with the prices, there are now many straightforward ways to invest your money. Everyone has heard of cryptocurrency these days, especially the big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which in itself makes the process much less intimidating. There's a lot of online info about how to get started with cryptocurrency investments, but the reality is that rapid growth has led to a wide range of useful resources and tools. By taking the time to identify the basics of crypto trading, you could be buying your first Bitcoin before you know it.

First Steps

To start buying and selling crypto, you're going to need to first register with an exchange. Look at the bigger names in crypto exchanges, as these will be the ones with the best reputation. Once you've signed up, you'll be able to buy and sell your choice of cryptocurrency with ease. Don't rush into choosing your exchange. Take your time and do the research. Join a community for crypto traders, read reviews written by users, and look for common issues that might affect you. The good news is that there are some excellent platforms to choose from, and even the lightest research will help to identify who to choose and who to avoid.

Using a Wallet

You don't keep cryptocurrency in your bank account! Instead, all cryptocurrencies are stored in what are called 'wallets'. The best thing about wallets is that they will have a public address along with a private key. How it works is that you give your public address to someone who wants to pay you in Bitcoin or Ethereum etc, while you then access those funds using your private key. There are a lot of options to look at when it comes to choosing the best wallet for you. Some of the most popular names include:


  • MyEtherWallet: This is only usable with Ethereum.


  • Electrum: This is designed to be used by people with a lot of experience buying and selling cryptocurrency.


  • Exodus: An excellent choice for those just starting out.


  • Trezor Model T: This is a great wallet for those planning to buy and sell a wider range of cryptocurrencies (which is always a better strategy).


Once you've signed up with your exchange and set up your wallet, you now have everything that you need to get started buying and selling your choice of cryptocurrency.

Keeping Up With the Market

It's a good idea to start buying the bigger crypto names. There are a select number of what are called 'blue-chip' cryptocurrencies, which are the ones with a market capitalization that exceeds $2 billion. Once you've got some crypto sitting in your wallet, it's time to get down to some serious research. Sign up for newsletters, and set up Google news alerts so that you can start to build up a better awareness of the best times to buy and sell for the maximum profits. Remember to keep an eye open for opportunities. Don't buy Ethereum from a seller that has excessively high fees when there are plenty of easy ways to buy Ethereum with low fees, and they could be the key to fine-tuning your profit margins.

Choosing Your Cryptocurrency

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to diversifying your crypto stock. There are now somewhere over 7,000 types of cryptocurrency, and each will have its own advantages and problems. Bitcoin, for example, is extremely high value and the perfect example of a blue-chip cryptocurrency. It can also be very expensive, while at the other of the scale are options like Tezos. This is a good option to consider investing in if your investment capital is low because Tevos is considerably cheaper than most of the alternatives. It's also seeing rapid growth, so it could be one of the key investment opportunities for the coming future. As with all investments, the goal should be to diversify your stock as quickly as you can. That way, should one of the cryptocurrencies in your wallet experience a sudden drop, you won't be at high risk of losing everything. The more types of cryptocurrency you have, the easier it is to keep your investment safer.


It used to be very challenging to break into the crypto market, but it is now an option that anyone can do. The tools and resources available mean that you don't need to understand what cryptocurrencies are or how they work. Of course, the more you understand them, the more likely it is that you will be able to track the rise and fall of prices and buy and sell for maximum profits.



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