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Ways to Improve Your Fleet’s Processes and Policies

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Fleet management is a broad term to describe a highly detailed job. Anyone in the industry understands the challenges associated with creating and maintaining a fleet that can combine safety, productivity, profitability, longevity, and those are only some of the components necessary for success. Creating a business plan where much of your operations happen off-site can result in missed opportunities but there are tools at your disposal to ensure that that does not happen. These tools and plans can also be great resources during times of growth, business decline, or and restructuring, meaning that there is never a wrong time to evaluate your equipment or your strategies. 

Safety and Tracking

When speaking in terms of on the road trucking, safety is a top concern. If the drivers are not trained in defensive driving, then they will be ill-equipped to handle any incidents that cross their path on any given day. Dash cameras offer truck drivers and fleet managers more control over their fleet safety with features designed to increase visibility, reduce accidents and lower collision costs. You can review a guide on the different types of dash cams for trucks to help you learn the difference between models as well as which best suits your specific needs. 

Dash cameras also help with vehicle tracking and driver accountability. Placing these in and on your trucks means that you are serious about location tracking as well as employee support should an accident, or other incident occur. Dash cams provide an extra layer of security for both driver and manager in a combined effort to reduce accidents. Having this data means that you have an irrefutable defense should you need it. Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 11.30.38

Go Paperless

If you have not already, moving your systems and processes to a paperless model is going to quickly increase your efficiencies and fleet management efforts. Utilizing technology to assist with everything from scheduling, to bookkeeping, to client management is a way to future-proof your business. Eliminating the need for storage solutions inside your office is another benefit of a paperless system, and in today’s world where many businesses are shifting to a work from home structure, going paperless means that documents can be easily accessible to everyone who needs them, regardless if they are working in the office or out of their house. 

Dashcams can also be of great benefit in this initiative as well. These devices provide data and reporting that can be accessed in a variety of ways, all of which exclude a traditional paper report. Being able to pull data and create reports for things like reviews, audits, or general inquiries quickly is going to streamline the responsibilities of your management team drastically. Maintenance appointments can be difficult to track, especially with larger fleets, a paperless system to alert your management team to pre-scheduled repairs, such as an oil change, takes out the human error factor of these projects, reducing the chance of missing one and causing damage to your vehicles. If your fleet is housed in several locations, this is another great example of why an electronic system can help increase the success of your overall business plan.