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Ways People Decorate Their House With Confederate Flags 

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Times are changing and showing your allegiance to the failed secession of the Confederacy is becoming increasingly risky. Fans of the rebel state are being forced underground again. Flying the Confederate flag in this day and age is likely to cause you some serious problems. You might lose your job and even your career. 


That’s why it’s best to take down the flag and bring it inside. But you don’t have to box it up, you can display your Southern pride all over the house and in every room for you and your guests to enjoy. All without worrying about losing your family and career over your fanatical appreciation of the failed uprising.


Thanks to modern, foreign-made textiles, people can show their pride and heritage in more ways than previously thought possible. There is now more Confederate flag merchandise available than ever before. Even if you aren’t a bigot and are looking for a new hipster ironic decor idea, this article provides several totally not tacky ways to spruce up your home in rebel style.

Flying Flags To Show Your Patriotism


Thanks to recent changes in the political winds, it’s more important than ever these days to show your patriotic spirit in every way possible. And flying flags is the best way to show where your allegiance lies. But how do you use the flag in new and interesting ways to decorate your home?


First of all, there are lots of different kinds of rebel flag merchandise. So you can feel free to express yourself through a variety of different products. There are always companies willing to make the things that appeal to you. Some examples of Confederate embellishment are:


  • Rebel flag facemasks
  • Hip-hop style hoodies
  • Plates and dishes
  • Decorative license plates
  • Oven mitts
  • Trinket box
  • Truck nuts
  • Inflatable bats
  • Rebel light switch covers
  • Coasters and beer koozies
  • Afghans and rugs


You can see from this comprehensive list that with a little creativity, you can do a lot to show your “Rebel” spirit. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and go wild. You can also supplement your motif with related regalia. 


You can also look online for a lot of different examples that you can draw from. It’s hard to make your living space adorned with flags without making the place look tacky. Check out these examples on how to make your house homey while still showing your patriotism. 


Jazz Up The Bedroom With Southern Style


One spectacular way to spice up the bedroom is to change that boring old decor. And what better way than to use this space for yet another display of your ethnicity and history? There are lots of things that can be done in the bedroom specifically. The possibilities are only limited by your own creativity


You could hang a flag of course, but that’s not likely to impress your cousin. Instead, you could decorate with a red, blue, and white theme. But then they might confuse your allegiance with the Federation, or even England. And you ain’t no redcoat. One surefire way is to pick up some high-quality Confederate bedding at Vision Bedding.com. Flag inspired sheets are a great way to express your appreciation for the fallen South. 


Here are a few more ways you can liven up the bedroom:


  • A flag-inspired storage chest
  • Old Confederate photos framed and hung on the wall
  • A portrait of Robert E. Lee at the foot of your bed so the great General of the Confederacy can watch you as you sleep
  • Grey and yellow-lined his and hers pajamas
  • Flag patterned nightgowns 
  • Confederate Drapes
  • A wall-sized mural of your favorite scene
  • A map of the Confederacy
  • An old map documenting Civil War battles
  • A graphical timeline starting with Southern initiation at Fort Sumter and ultimately ending with the fleeing of Jefferson Davis after the epic military failure at Richmond


Of course, there are many other ways to choose from. And ample flag inspired bedroom decor might just help you avoid an uncomfortable conversation with the young ladies of your bloodline. Let every one that walks into your domain know how you feel. Your opinions are really important for everyone to hear. 


It might help to get started by looking at all the available merchandise online. Because of the changing political climate, places like Amazon.com and Walmart.com have stopped selling Southern-inspired merchandise. And just when it’s time to really give it to those anthem kneelers! Where will you be able to buy battle flag truck nuts if not online? So you better act quickly before they ban it everywhere on the interwebs. 


image courtesy of pexels