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Reinventing Yourself This Year? Upgrade Your Bedroom This 2021



New Year is the perfect time to start and reinvent yourself. People tend to reset their routine and create resolutions to improve themselves. Individuals desire to be better, always. Sometimes, to change your life, you will have the desire to change your environment such as getting a new workplace, moving to a new city, quitting your existing job and having a reason to relocate. 


People are aware how their current surroundings affect their energy. Fortunately, you can change your environment within your reach. You don't need to move! How about upgrading your bedroom instead? A bedroom is your sanctuary. It affects your mood during the day. It can create positive or negative energy!


Bedroom upgrades can happen whether you move or not but one thing is for sure, bedrooms can be big assets in helping your 2021 self reinvention. The question is, what bedroom updates can you make this 2021?

A New Mattress

An old mattress can be a big disadvantage and can bring discomforts in your sleep. It can also be dirty and it can contain a lot of dirt that could be detrimental for your health. Inadequate sleep can be the reason for your health issues. Not having a comfortable bed can affect your disposition and productivity overall. 


Sleeping is important to your physical, emotional, and mental health. You deserve a good night’s sleep! Get a new comfortable mattress! We recommend that this 2021, you replace your old mattress with new mattresses in a box! This will help you with your fresh start this 2021 as a new mattress can boost your immune system, lessen aches and pains, and enhance your attention span. 


A mattress in a box is a good option for your comfortable sleep. This can save you money as you don’t need a moving team to pay, you can avoid annoying salespeople and can be bought online! Good way to avoid coronavirus and the hassle of going to the shops.


A vase can light up a boring looking room. It makes the room look fancy and brings the type of energy that would make you feel like a high class person. A lot of luxurious, artistic, and sophisticated people add vases in their rooms. The good catch is, you can buy cheaper vases that look great. 


You can get a glass vase through vintage stores which gives the vase a character or a history. You can also do a DIY faux ceramic vase to add a personality in your room. A vase can also be placed with flowers, also a good bedroom update. 


Plants are good for room decorations but besides adding colour in your room, it has other advantages as well. Plants remind us of the serene feeling of nature even if we are inside our homes. Sceneries of nature can be far away from us, especially if you live in an urbanized area.


Indoor air can also be polluted with chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene. Plants can act as a purifier of the room. Plants can help filter the air everyday. Bedroom plants can brighten your room, boost your energy levels, alleviate your mood, minimize stress, and filter the bedroom air.

Paint your Room

You can create an illusion of having a new environment through your very home by painting your room in your desired color. Colors in your wall corners don’t have to be the same to add character! Although it would be good if the colors are synchronized. Painting your room and adding a different color could affect your energy. Know what color palette and color tone you prefer in your room to get the energy that you desire.


The possible colors could be blue, yellow, purple, red, green, brown, grey, silver, black, and orange. All of these colors can be either warm-toned or cool-toned. If you choose a cooler tone for your room, it can bring relaxation whenever you are home. This color would be good if you are usually tense. Cool Blue and Olive green are examples of cooler tones. 


If you choose a warmer tone for your room, the room can give intense, high energies. This is good if you are usually low in energy and need to motivate yourself. Bright red and bright yellow colors are examples of warmer tones. Just remember to study color palettes to avoid making your room look too mixed up. Just know the vibe that you prefer and research color palettes that could give that. 


Individuals tend to crave for a fresh start especially if they feel stagnant. The need for change is felt intensely this 2021 as our lives become more routinary due to this pandemic.Although there are many ways to feel like you’re creating change and it can start in your home! 


As most of us are just at home due to quarantine. We can create an illusion that something has changed. That is through redecorations and upgrades in your own home. So what are you waiting for? Start your 2021 in a good way and upgrade your bedroom!