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Marlene Baranello, of Bellmawr, 77

Op-Ed: “Society In Decline”

by Earl Foster 

So we had another election where voting is questionable depending on your perspective. In spite of countless reports of ballot harvesting, and missing ballots, those in any authority refuse to acknowledge there was/is a problem. Were the “Legal American” people cheated out of their vote and the election process? We may never know as a dangerous president was set due to a virus situation unleashed on the world and used by politicians to gain particular advantages over society in the opinion of many. Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 17.1.50

During the year 2020 we saw that certain riots, looting and destruction of property has been deemed acceptable depending on the cause that was spun by the media who should have been held accountable for this year mayhem. Disagreeing with particular politicians however, is NOT one of the acceptable causes. Standing up for your rights is NOT one of the acceptable causes. Democrats asked and promoted donating to bail funding to bail out rioters and looters to put that back on the street to do more damage. Now they hold a sitting President responsible for a riot at the capitol building? Talk about your double standard on heavy display. Even your freedom of speech and thought is now under attack.

Prisoners and inmates are being released from prisons for “their safety” while you are being disarmed for the criminals and politicians safety. Those same politician have armed protection that YOUR tax money paid for. This is pure lunacy. We now have a politician who will take seat under “questionable” circumstances, while supporting and covering for a questionable family member. He has a 47 year history in political failure and has lied to the public repeatedly. We will have a “Vice President” taking seat, under the same questionable circumstances who has a history of lies, flip flopping on issues, home wrecking, questionable tactics, double standards and self promotion.

Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 16.35.49
According to the news media there are 9000 Hondurans headed to the United States border. US Border agents say they wont be allowed to cross

As you read this, hundred of “illegals” are marching towards the American border from south, demanding the Biden honor his commitment, give them green cards and let them in. His commitment to who, illegal criminals? Did he forget he was supposed to represent “Legal Americans” first? We seem to be back to “taxation without representation” in America, at least for the Legal Law Abiding American Citizens. Truly a disgraceful time, with disgraceful people and politicians of very low caliber . America is truly a society in decline and these politicians are leading the parade right down the drain.