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United Methodist Communities at Pitman Receives the COVID-19 Vaccine Onsite

PITMAN, NJ (December 31, 2020)--On Monday, December 28, United Methodist Communities at Pitman welcomed its opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine onsite. Residents and associates in Healthcare (skilled nursing) got their first vaccines. CVS Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 15.56.23pharmacy staff arrived onsite fully equipped and set up the clinic. Room by room, they administered the vaccine. 

We are excited that New Jersey has made the right decision and included long-term care residents and staff as a top priority for vaccination in our state. While the vaccine is not a panacea, it is an important step towards making our community healthy and safe. After nine long months, it is a ray of hope for many of our residents who have been isolated from their family and friends. 

CVS will return on January 19 to administer the second shot. 

Sharon Schwarzkopf, skilled nursing administrator, says, “It was really heartwarming to see staff many generations removed from our residents of 80, 90-years and above, proudly saying that they were making history together. Several residents, just a few years removed from the Spanish Flu at the start of their lives, shared remarkable firsthand stories of resilience.” 

Photo captions /photos available upon request

UMC at Pitman resident vaccine: A resident welcomes a member of the CVS clinical team, who traveled from room to room and administered the first COVID-19 vaccine shots at United Methodist Communities at Pitman. 


UMC at Pitman associate vaccine: Associates reported to a centralized clinic area set up by CVS to get their first COVID-19 vaccines.