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How to Manage Your Business Finances More Effectively – Practical Tips by Mike Giannulis

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(CNBNews)(January 11, 2021)--Of all the skills business owners need to make their ventures flourish, effective management of finances has been universally held to be among the most challenging. More than good products and services and strong marketing for driving sales, it is the efficient management of finances that can sustain a business and provide it the necessary strength to make it flourish and stand out from the competition. Some tips to help you to manage your business finances efficiently and effectively:

Automate Your Accounting Function 

By purchasing a good accounting package and training your staff to use it, you can make raising invoices, paying suppliers, processing payroll, etc. efficient. By using a software package, you can not only raise your invoices promptly but also track overdue payments without effort. Typically, these accounting packages can generate several reports that can be of immense help in assessing the income, the company’s cash flow, profitability, and also assist with the budgeting.

Make It Easy for Your Customers to Pay, Advises Mike Giannulis

Not so long ago, the only way your customers could have paid you was by cash and check. However, nowadays, there are several payment modes like direct wire transfers, credit cards, digital wallets, and many other digital payment options that are quick, secure, and convenient. By offering numerous payment options to your customers, you eliminate the chances of delayed payments and thus improve your cash flow. Do make sure that you accept mobile payments as customers find them especially useful as they can make the payments even when on the go.

Keep a Close Eye on the Cash Flow

More than profitability, business, both big and small have to ensure that their cash flow is regular, predictable, and positive. Cash flow is simply the tracking of the income of the company and the expenses incurred for that income. By closely monitoring your cash flow, you will know whether you will be able to make all your scheduled payments out of the money the business is earning or will have to take on short-term working capital loans to bridge the gap. By ensuring that you have a sustained and positive cash flow, you will have a business that can operate profitably and can be trusted by customers for continuous and dependable operations.

Do Not Ignore Petty Expenses

Many business owners find it convenient to ignore petty expenses under the impression that since the individual expenses incurred are of relatively small amounts, they do not matter much in the overall frame of things. However, even though these expenses may not appear as large entries in the balance sheet unless you monitor these costs, you could end up frittering away a lot of money. Simple steps to rationalize them can help you to save a lot of money in the long run, observes Michael Giannulis.


Considering the vital importance of finance in the sustainability and long-term growth of the business, it is important for business owners and managers to make the financial management process efficient and effective. By doing this, you will save significantly on costs, increase your revenue, and boost your ROI.

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