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How to do grocery shopping during the pandemic, explains Hani Zeini


(CNBNews)(January 11, 2021)--Grocery shopping is of utmost significance during the pandemic. Various questions are hovering in people's minds regarding safe shopping avenues. Keep in mind that there is a deep interrelation between Covid-19 and food Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 11.13.50 packaging. Water droplets disseminate coronavirus. In this scenario, people are cautious regarding their grocery shopping because they want to abstain from any risk. However, make a note that although various grocery stores would be temporarily out of products, there is no shortage on the global scale. Food manufacturing and production continues even during a pandemic. Therefore, customers will get hold of their grocery items, irrespective of the modified operating hours.


Take a quick look at the following points provided by Hani Zeini to stay safe during grocery shopping


For protecting individuals at grocery stores, and retail shops, it is significant to be cautious regarding crucial things


• First and foremost, you must prepare a shopping list ahead of time. Keep in mind that you buy one to two weeks of groceries at a time. Apart from this, keep in mind that buying things in bulk will only create unnecessary damage and shortage. Therefore make purchases in a calculative manner. 

• For protecting yourself from the risk, you must wear face masks or coverings while you are in a public place. Moreover, avoid going to specific localities and stores that are witnessing a spike. According to Hani Zeini, you must follow the legal obligations of your city or country. Also, follow their guidelines for your safety and security.

• When you are in a public place, carry your wipes, and sanitize your hands as frequently as possible. In case you are using reusable shopping bags, make sure that they are washed and cleaned before use.

• It is essential to practice social distancing norms while you are in a public place. According to Hani Zeini, when grocery shopping, maintain six feet of distance from other shoppers. Moreover, keep your hands far away from your face.

• Apart from this, you must wash your hands and feet when you come back home. Use water and soap, and wash your hands for at least twenty seconds after you put away the groceries.


Apart from this, keep in mind that there is no evidence of transmission of Covid-19 and the food packaging process. However, you may wipe the products just after you come back and let them dry before use. Before consuming the items, rinse fresh vegetables and fruits under running water. You may use a brush for scrubbing frozen produce. Similarly, after unpacking the groceries items, you may freeze or refrigerate the poultry, meat, seafood, eggs, and other perishable items. According to Hani Zeini, you must first sanitize then refrigerate them within two hours of purchase.


Lastly, keep in mind to regularly sanitize, clean the kitchen utensils, and counters to disinfect them. Also, use liquid chlorine bleach for cleaning purposes. Be cautious that cleaning your kitchen and your grocery items are of significance to protect yourself from contamination. You must prepare your shopping list carefully so that you do not forget essential things. Try to buy healthy food items to ward off sickness from your house during the pandemic.  


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