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Former Gloucester City Resident Paul Devine Succumbs to COVID-19

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Paul Devine


Former Gloucester City resident Paul Devine, died Monday afternoon, January 19, 2021. Gary Devine, his brother, said Paul was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Recently he caught COVID-19 which was just too much for his brother to fight.

"Throughout his life, Paul was always in the best shape; he never had a weight problem," said Gary. Earlier in life, he lifted weights, and during the time he attended Glassboro State College, where he received his degree, he was on the school's wrestling team."

 Paul worked as a teacher in the Delaware school system.  He also worked in real estate, operated a painting/construction business, and owned about 20 rental properties.

Gary posted the following announcement about his brother's death on his Facebook page.

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Funeral arrangements are  pending.

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Gary and Paul Devine