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Department of Defense Vetting National Guardsmen in Washington, D.C.

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Armed National Guard patrol in DC (photo courtesy of Reuters



Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller released the following statement pertaining to vetting National Guard in DC

As is normal for military support to large security events, the Department will vet National Guardsmen who are in Washington, D.C.  While we have no intelligence indicating an insider threat, we are leaving no stone unturned in securing the capital.  This type of vetting often takes place by law enforcement for significant security events.  However, in this case the scope of military participation is unique.  The D.C. National Guard is also providing additional training to service members as they arrive in D.C. that if they see or hear something that is not appropriate, they should report it to their chain of command.  We appreciate the support of the FBI in assisting with this task and for each of the more than 25,000 Guardsmen who answered their Nation’s call and rapidly deployed to the NCR.