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CHEER--Food pantries in Bellmawr and Barrington were beneficiaries of grants from the New Jersey District of Kiwanis during December. Grants of $150 each were presented by the Kiwanis Club of the Haddons to Bellmawr Mayor Charles Sauter and Barrington Municipal Clerk Terry Shannon.  Each municipality will distribute the funds to smaller pantries serving their residents. Over the course of this calendar year, over $1000 has been raised and donated by the Kiwanis Club to area food pantries in Collingswood, Cherry Hill, Barrington, Bellmawr, and Camden.  Also, financial support and gifts-in-kind have been made to Dubin House, Cherry Hill Public Schools, Cathedral Kitchen, and Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey.

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RINO Christie hanging out with his Democrat buddies George and Steve  (photo courtesy of the New Jersey Globe)


JEER-In July 2015, New Jersey Hedge Clippers released a report, Diminishing Returns: How Chris Christie is Wasting Billions on Bad Hedge Fund Investments, outlining how Governor Christie led the New Jersey State Investment Council to take increasingly risky bets on hedge fund investments—leaving New Jersey taxpayers and public employees on the hook for over $2 billion in fees and lost returns. And the "bum" is talking about running for president again. Crawl away Christi go back to your rat hole where you belong.

CHEER-Thanks BeeSea for always giving me a laugh. 

JEER--Several taverns in the South Jersey area were closed in the past month for 10 days for violating the State's COVID-19 rules for social distances. Several were in Gloucester City. Taverns/bars/restaurants are barely making it, and this stringent and demanding mandate by Gov. Murphy does help those businesses. The question, does the local catering hall have to comply with those same COVID-19 rules?

CHEER--A joint venture between Clarion Partners and Baltimore-based MRP Industrial bought the 117-acre industrial site in South Jersey expansive property at 1900 River Road in Burlington Township from Boston-based Stag Industrial, which paid $61.5 million for the site in 2015.  A vacant 1-million-square-foot warehouse building formerly occupied by the U.S. General Services Administration currently sits on the property and will be decommissioned and demolished. 

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Gloucester City, NJ--The overflowing trash can on the left was placed on the curb early in the AM, a day before pickup on south Broadway near Monmouth. It contained garbage, without a lid.  The plate had spaghetti sauce on it. The photos of the other two receptacles were taken this past Sunday morning. One of the biggest reasons for the trash problem in Gloucester City is caused by trash being placed out before 5 PM the day before pick up. Also, trash cans without lids. All it takes is a windy day or an animal getting into the trash and it blows throughout the neighborhood. Start issuing citations and the problem will be cut in half. ~CNBNews photo


JEER –The number of individuals in this town who have their properties looking terrible is a disgrace. More people are working now from home than ever before because of the pandemic.  There is no reason for the trash, garbage, debris, and junk laying around your property since you are home. Even if you just rent it doesn’t mean you can’t take pride in what your surroundings look like. Hoping 2021 brings citations and violations from the city to finally address the blight.

CHEER– To the people responsible for decorating Shane Chapman Park for the Christmas Holiday. It looked lovely and was great driving by and seeing.

JEER – Nice to see people out and about walking their dogs but it would be a lot nicer if you picked up after your pet. Shame on you!

CHEER--Thank you to the volunteers who picked up canned goods one weekend in December for the local food pantry which in turn helps Gloucester City people in need.

JEER– People who don’t park their vehicles in their own driveway or don't move their vehicle from in front of someone else’s house during a snowstorm. This makes the snowplow drive around their vehicle and your driveway creating more shoveling for others due to your inconsiderate behavior.

 CHEER–Thanks to those who volunteered to be Santa Helpers in Gloucester City this year. You did a fantastic job driving around on the fire engine covering as much of the city as possible in one day so the kids could see Old Saint Nick! 

JEER-Gloucester City seems to have so many cases of  COVID-19 for such a small town. Maybe things would be different and the cases reduced if people would start wearing a  mask covering their nose instead of walking around town wearing no mask at all. 

CHEER-Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and countless individuals who are working in hospitals and health facilities taking care of  COVID patients.  We want you to know we see you and appreciate everything you are doing.  A BIG CHEER to all of you from all of us.

JEER--The leaders of the Nation of China should be punished for all eternity for unleashing the worst pandemic in history yet having the audacity to make threats of “retaliation” over business dealings with America. Iran also is making threats now, as our politics changes regimes. One should wonder how much money will be sent to appease these tyrant enemies by a spineless regime in another nightmarish episode of here we go again.

CHEER--Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado has refused to give up her 2nd Amendment rights by urging congress to keep a 1967 rule that exempts lawmakers from a ban on firearms in the Capitol building. GOVERNMENT MUST get their foot OFF EVERY legal citizen's 2nd Amendment rights and restore it by removing state efforts to disarm legal citizens. An official protected by armed guards has NO RIGHT to take away my right to self-protection. 

JEER--NJ's Governor Murphy foolishly thinks the answer to this virus is making them close their doors thus destroying businesses.  He also believes in releasing prisoners from jail to protect them while putting us legal citizens at risk. Leaves many wondering how this hypocrite who violates his own idiotic “mandates” was elected in the first place.

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CHEER--In 2015 Michael and Kathleen Van Stine founded the SpectraCare® Foundation using Michael's $130,000 retirement fund to launch the project. The Foundation will help veterans (Veterans Assist), senior citizens (Seniors Advantage), and animals in need (Paws Plus). But, before the plans can move forward the home of the Foundation located in Lindenwold needs a new roof.  For more information call (856) 255-1100 334-3130 Ext. 102; DIRECT: (609) 330-1228; e-mail: kmvanstine@spectracarefoundation.org  or   click here


JEER--In November citizens voted to make (“pot”) marijuana legal in New Jersey. It still isn’t legal despite that vote. Why? Because New Jersey politicians haven’t figured out how to regulate it yet to keep their hands in the cookie jar of huge profits. Your vote is on hold until they profit from it again.


CHEER--The New Jersey public health department has implemented strict tobacco controls. For example, in 2006 it was one of the first states in the nation to adopt a comprehensive smoke-free policy or law. the state government has a federally funded program to help smokers quit. In the article titled, “Extinguishing the Tobacco Epidemic in New Jersey,” the CDC reports that “cigarette smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disability in the USA. There is a federal quit-line number (1-800-QUIT-NOW) that routes callers to their state quit-line. 

JEER--Certain members of the political elite, such as Gov. Murphy, Gov. Cuomo, Gov. Wolf, Mayor Garcetti, and Mayor de Blasio like to lecture us on how we should wear a mask and social distance. But, when the cameras are turned aside they rush off to a high price restaurant where they do the exact thing they just told us not to do.

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JEER--One of the things that bother me each time the election comes around is those stupid political signs. Does anyone really decide who they are going to vote for because of a sign on their neighbor's yard? To top off some people leave the signs up long after the election is over. It is an eyesore plus a violation of the no sign ordinance, get rid of it...please. 

Editor's Note: Some of the monthly Cheers and Jeers you read in this column come from the 70 people who we asked to help us with their suggestions. They represent all walks of life. Such as politicians, priests, ministers, Imagesteachers, police, firemen, grandparents, fathers, mothers, business owners, and average Joe's.  They give us their thoughts on a variety of topics as long as they can remain anonymous.  If you would like to join the group send us your email address to CNBNews1@gmail.com. 



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