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Brian C Jensen shares insights about the relevance of having a wellness regime during the pandemic phase 

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(CNBNews)(January 19, 2021)--No one anticipated that the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak would adversely affect people across the globe. The sudden change in the daily routine has made people undertake excess stress and anxiety. It is challenging for people to stay at home for a prolonged time and maintain social distancing rules. Additionally, professionals also have to undergo several work instabilities, like pay cuts and job losses. Many employed full-time people have either lost their jobs or are working part-time at lesser pay. All these have made people extraordinarily paranoid and nervous.

Brian C Jensen talks about the importance of wellness. 

The objective of human life is to stay well, even in the face of adversity. Hence, people must count on their blessings despite all troubles. Brian C Jensen has emphasized the need for a wellness regime during the pandemic phase for people to stay well and healthy. There are many reasons for which people should opt-in Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 12.47.12for a wellness regime.

  1. It gives a sense of purpose

It is essential to accept that our lifestyle has undergone much change because of the pandemic outbreak. Not being able to socialize has affected many lives across the globe. Also, scary news updates make people tensed and stressed. Hence, everyone must change the purpose of one's life temporarily and hold onto something. A wellness regime addresses the current challenges and allows people to focus on an objective.

  1. It helps people to accept the truth

Many people have been living in denial. That means people are still hoping that the COVID-19 virus will vanish sometime soon. The truth is the virus might linger for a longer time, and people will have to get used to it. Having a wellness regime helps people accept this ground reality. Once they receive this reality, it allows them to manage their lives accordingly and better.

  1. It makes me realize the power of meditation

Not everyone has realized the power and benefits of meditation. When you opt for a wellness regime, you recognize the benefits of meditation for real. You can experience the relaxing and calming effect on the nerves, the body, and your feelings. Meditation has miraculously cured many ailments and body discomforts. The truth is, meditation targets the root cause of all problems, that is, stress. Once you can successfully manage stress, you can steer clear of other health hazards that it creates. During the pandemic phase, people can become restless and nervous because of the constant COVID-19 updates. Meditation helps people to relax and allows them to focus on life-supporting thoughts. 

  1. It leads to mindfulness

A wellness regime makes a person more mindful, which has umpteen benefits. When you live mindfully, you count on your blessings and consciously reduce everything that causes stress to the body or mind. Mindfulness allows a person to practice gratitude, which helps to relax during such stressful times.

A wellness regime can impact every area of a person's life. The factors mentioned above are the reasons why people should opt-in for wellness rules during the pandemic phase.


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