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Funding for Paulsboro Offshore Wind Facility Okayed


PAULSBORO, NJ--The BPU has approved Docket No. QO20080539 – In the Matter of the Clean Energy Programs and Budget for Fiscal Year 2021 and Docket No. QO20120770 – In the Matter of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between South Jersey Port Corporation and the Board of Public Utilities. This will direct $1.8 million from the Societal Benefits Charge to fund the construction of a manufacturing facility for offshore-wind energy components at the Port of Paulsboro.

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“We support using funds from the Societal Benefits Charge to go toward building the offshore wind manufacturing facility in Paulsboro. This $1.8 million is just a small down payment that will be matched with public and private funds to get this project built. Ørsted’s and EEW’s new manufacturing facility will help create good, green jobs while moving us forward when it comes to offshore wind. This is happening at a time when we really need to create new jobs because of the pandemic. Reducing pollution is also more important than ever now that the coronavirus has been linked to air pollution exposure,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “Moving forward with offshore wind is an important step toward a greener economy in New Jersey.”


The NJ Economic Development Authority and NJBPU recently approved two Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) to make nearly $6 million available to support offshore wind and other clean energy projects in the state. Out of that, $4.5 million will support NJEDA-led workforce development projects aimed at preparing more NJ workers for jobs in offshore win.


“Offshore wind is critical because it will help create green jobs and move us forward on reducing greenhouse gases. The EDA and BPU are putting $4.5 million toward training programs to prepare workers for offshore wind jobs. This will help New Jersey move forward quickly with offshore wind while building a green economy. Projects like the new infrastructure project for building a port in South Jersey at Hope Creek will create close to 1,500 permanent jobs in manufacturing and assembly,” said Tittel. “While New Jersey is moving forward with offshore wind in Paulsboro, Governor Murphy is letting a dangerous LNG facility move forward just down the river in Gibbstown.”


A recent E2 report found that building one average offshore wind farm that produces 352MW, can create 4,313 jobs, $278.9 million in wages, and $702 million to a state’s economy.


“Ørsted’s new offshore wind facility in Paulsboro will help New Jersey become a leader in offshore wind. Moving forward with this project in addition to our second solicitation of offshore wind will help prevent other states like New York from robbing offshore wind economic benefits and jobs from us. Given the climate urgency, we need to keep moving forward with offshore wind and clean energy as quickly as possible. Wind energy is renewable, clean, and creates thousands of jobs. Increasing our offshore wind goal to 12.5 GW would mean that offshore wind would create over 150,000 jobs,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “Moving forward with offshore wind quickly will help us get to a green economy and create thousands of jobs, which are especially needed in a recession. We need to move quickly because climate change is getting worse.”