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An overview of Lemon Laws and how consumers can benefit from it


(CNBNews)(January 16, 2021)--If you buy a defective vehicle, it can have devastating effects on your life, and you must seek legal help from Goodman Lemon Law. Legal help Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 9.20.59 can help to set things right so that you get a replacement at the soonest or at least get a refund. This is a typical example of consumer protection with the help of Lemon Laws that extend beyond vehicles to other consumer products or services, defined as Lemons as it fails to meet the desired purpose or quality.  Only if the product in question has defects that affect its safety, value, or use comes under the Lemon Laws' purview. The manufacturer must replace the product if repeated attempts to repair it do not give the right results.

Lemon Laws are for every US state

Not only do all US states have their own Lemon Laws, but the enactment of the law is also available at the federal level as well as the District of Columbia. The laws aim at protecting consumers from manufacturers who want to dupe consumers by intentionally selling inferior quality products or defective products.  Although in the beginning, lemon law referred to automobiles only as these were 'lemons,' a term used exclusively to describe faulty vehicles, the extent of consumer protection and what other items are covered by the law depends on the jurisdiction of the law. 

Lemon laws are state-specific

Although Lemon Laws primarily cover vehicle purchases and are applicable for new vehicles only, its ambit includes other products and services, too, depending on the state's enactment. The consumer has a specified but limited timeframe to report the purchase of a lemon, usually in terms of some specified timeline of some months or the distance traveled, whichever comes earlier. 

The law has a long history

 The federal and state governments enacted the laws to reduce lemon problems that affect consumers who buy some defective or potentially dangerous product. The movement to protect consumers from such purchases began in the early twentieth century. The current law has its origin in the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act of 1975, which is applicable only for products sold with a warranty. The law provides a process that allows consumers to seek redress for purchasing a defective large ticket item like a car, boat, etc. 

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Lodging a complain

The consumer has the right to lodge a complaint against the manufacturer of the product by choosing the appropriate jurisdiction through the state or appoint a lawyer who is an expert in lemon laws refunds and cash settlements. The law assures some remedy to consumers provided there is a strong case to prove with evidence about the product being defective or of low quality.

Engaging a lawyer to deal with your Lemon Law case is always worth it because it may lead to arbitration procedures involving hearings. It is necessary to show with appropriate evidence that there were reasonable efforts to repair the product or vehicle did not work well. 


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