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5 Reasons Why Listening To Your Elders Makes Sense


Your elders have a lot to say, simply because they have a lot more experience than you. And if you didn't know already, the experience is priceless. When elders talk about their experiences to the younger generation, the younger generation should sit down and listen. Because there is so much to learn from these talks alone.

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This is basically how humanity has evolved since the beginning of civilization. Young people learn from the elders and improve by using that knowledge and try not to repeat the same mistakes. 

Here are some more reasons why listening to your elders makes sense and how you can learn from them. You should pay attention when Gramma is sharing her wisdom.

Sharing experiences and broaden your perspective

It has been proven that young people who are interacting with their elders a lot, know more about the past and other points of views of life. This gives them so much lesson to learn and makes them wiser. 

Young people who can learn from their elders tend to stay away from things that can ruin their future. In a way, their interactions with their elders encourages them to stay away from doing stupid things that might make them regret it. It can be said that young people interact more with their elders, think more about their future selves.

You can also learn a lot about how people live in the past, let’s say 50-80 years ago, where the world was so much different from the present. You could also learn how to appreciate all the things you have now and take care of your belongings.

Learning about all the regrets they may have or had

Elders have been living for much longer than we are. They have seen a lot of different stuff for a longer period. During their long lives, they may have or had regrets. These regrets could be dissected and studied so you won't have the same regrets later in life. 

For example, elders may tell their stories about growing up during certain times. Maybe they were growing up after the World Wars where foods were scarce, and everyone lived in poverty. That could teach you to value food and everything you have at the moment. 

Or perhaps, they have stories about how they let go of various opportunities presented to them. So instead of waiting until your regrets come, you should try to do what the elders didn’t do to make them regret. You’d be surprised at knowing how similar their stories are to your life in the present.

Finances and real estate

If anything, you can learn a lot from your elders about finances and real estate. Think about it, people who invested their money the right way 50 years ago, would be a millionaire by now. Same thing for people who invested in houses or lands.

Elders are basically living witnesses for past events. They could tell you how important it is to invest your money to get the benefits decades later. Or perhaps something as simple as saving a portion of your income for emergencies or retirement.

If you need more encouragement about taking of your personal finance or investing in real estate, you should talk to your elders more.

About the value of relationships

Elders know how important it is to build lasting relationships. When you’re old, people who still know you and take care of you are the best people you could ever have on your side. This is why elders love talking about their friends or family members or spouses. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.54.00Maybe talking to them about their relationships could help you understand how important it is to be kind to everyone around you. And how important it is to never burn bridges and hold grudges. 

About health

I know some older people who are in their 90s and are healthy. They wake up in the morning, take walks, and eat healthily. They are living proofs that living healthily pays off. When you have the chance to talk to your elders, you should ask them about what their daily routines are like. And see if you can learn a thing or two from them to improve your health.

Talking to elders can be fun too

I have talked a lot about learning from the elders, but please remember that they are people too. Talking to your elders can be as fun as talking to people your age. Even more fun considering the difference between your age and the elders’. Some fun things could happen, and you might like talking to them regularly.