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5 Expert Tips to Earn Traffic from Instagram

With Instagram establishing itself as a  dominant force in the region of social media and social networking, your presence on these platforms ever grows more important in order for you to ‘exist’ in today’s world. Be it marketing your products or your goods and services, or just your own creative content, the five hundred million users of Instagram on a daily basis create the perfect free platform for you to compete entirely equally with other similar brands or Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 12.41.14individuals.


However, in the flurry of constant posts on Instagram and the thousands of pages that each individual follows, it ever becomes a challenge to gain the interest of your audience and to actually create real traffic from your Instagram page. You may choose to buy Instagram followers, but doing so will not lead to an increase in your audience or a gain in likes and engagement. 


By using the features that Instagram provides, you may be able to create more attention around your page and by making it easier to navigate and comprehend, you will be able to gain more followers and increase the engagement with your brand, thus correlating to an increase in the traffic to your product or service. 


Here, we give you five tips to gain traffic from your Instagram profile.


Make the most of your link in your Bio


While Instagram is famous for not being link-friendly, it allows for one single link in your bio. This may not seem like a lot initially, but when you manipulate it to your advantage it can serve you much better. In order to make the most of your link in your bio, first, you should draw attention to it. Use phrases in your story or your bio to call an individual to action. 


By merely stating ‘link in bio’ you do not create the crucial amount of palpable tension caused by a call to the person. Therefore, abandon the common phrase, and rather opt for a more adventurous exciting one. ‘Click the link in our bio for…..!’ or ‘Read more about ……!’ or ‘Explore the …… link in bio’. By using these phrases that begin with a word calling on the person to do something, they are engaged more with your page and thus will click on the link and you will be able to gain traffic from your Instagram page.


Use Instagrams IGTV feature


By using Instagram’s IGTV feature, you can post videos up to 60 minutes in length. While reels have a 30 second limit to it, and normal posts do not post more than a minute with video content, the IGTV feature allows for a lot more, and this is an added benefit for longer posts that cannot be brought down to a short capsule of time. 


Additionally, Instagram allows you to use links in the description of an IGTV video. Thus, if you use this feature, you gain the ability to have more links that will be able to gain traffic for your product or service


Use the highlight feature well


Instagram allows you to curate and sort out your content on their site that you have posted on your story into highlights. By doing so, you can group similar content together, such that it showcases your work and what you do in a manner that is appealing to a viewer and tells them what they would like to sign up for. 


These highlights are a great advantage as overtime similar stories can be grouped together to show your audience the progress in each of those fields. If you have linked your story too, you will be able to consistently gain traffic from your stories. 


Use your analytics to your advantage 


Follow your Instagram analytics closely in order to know what days and what time your audience is on the Instagram application. Post about half an hour before this time in order to have the most views on your posts. 


If you are not able to use Instagram analytics it is because your account is not a business account, in which case you should convert it in order to use this feature. You will be able to know what age your viewers are, as well as what gender, and the time the traffic on your page is most. 


Use Direct Message smartly


While most brands who use Direct Message will do so in a manner that could be perceived as spam, by using your direct message feature in a manner that does not seem like spam, you can send followers links, that are clickable, and hence will lead to an increase in your traffic to your website. By interacting with your followers in this manner, you will be enabled to directly communicate with them, and not be restricted by how public the platform is. 


By using these tips, you will be able to use Instagram’s inbuilt features for free, while increasing the traffic to your website to market and sell your product or service or your content. By cross-linking your several other social media profiles, and promoting your Instagram page on these, you should gain traction via your Instagram page and make sure that these individuals discover your website en route to your Instagram page. Instagram is a vast platform with an incredible amount of potential traffic that you stand to gain, if you make the decision to do so.