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10 Ways to Write a Perfect Essay

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by Henry Mcdowel


There may not be such a thing as “perfect,” but in the essay writing world, a student can get pretty close if he has a solid plan for crafting one and is willing to put in the time and effort.


Most students have learned the step-by-step process for crafting an essay:


  • Pick a topic that meets the requirements of the instructor for both breadth and depth.
  • Conduct appropriate research or engage in some critical brainstorming to identify the elements that should be included. Formulate a thesis statement that will guide all that you plan to include.
  • Organize that research or brainstorming effort into the several important points. Put them into a sequence that is logical through some type of outline or graphic organizer.
  • Write a rough draft based upon that outline/organizer.
  • Review, edit, and proofread that draft until it is free of any errors of structure, flow, grammar, and composition. Ensure that the essay is formatted as your instructor requires.
  • Prepare that final draft and choose a compelling title.


This is the “science” part of essay construction. Within that science, though, there are some other things that will move an essay toward “perfection.” Here are ten of them.


  1. Consider a short discussion with your instructor to propose your topic and take his/her feedback and advice about refining it. This does two things. It tells your instructor that you are serious about producing a sound essay, and, because your instructor is human, it is flattering that you are seeking his/her advice and counsel.
  2. Re-work that thesis statement several times until you believe that it is clear, well-written, and encapsulates what you want to say. Your reader should know, from that thesis statement, exactly what he will find in that essay.
  3. Do not scrimp on the research if it is required. Find original and primary sources whenever possible. If you must use secondary resources, be certain that those authors are reputable in their fields.
  4. Be careful about the sequence of the points you will be making. Some students choose to go from most important to least; others choose the opposite. Decide whether you want the biggest “punch” at the beginning or the end.
  5. Write your introduction last. You must introduce your topic and include your thesis statement in that introduction.
  6. Open your essay with a compelling and engaging beginning. Give an astonishing statistic; provide a short anecdote; ask an engaging question. The goal is to pique your reader’s interest at the very onset and motivate him to want to read on. Think like a journalist here. 
  7. Take time to formulate a title that is as compelling as your first sentences. It should be creative and engaging. Again, think like a journalist.
  8. Editing and proofreading are two of the most critical parts of essay construction. You may be too emotionally “attached” to your essay to do this right. If so, take a look at websites that provide the best paper writing services reviews. You will be able to find an online writing company that has experts to review and edit/proofread your essay, correct the errors, and make recommendations for changes that you will want to consider. They can do this quickly at a reasonable price.
  9. Start early. Every course will have a syllabus. Study this syllabus and calendar the due dates for your essays and papers. When you procrastinate and have to rush to get an essay written, your chances for turning in a well-researched and written piece are really low.
  10. 10.Learn from your mistakes. Take a look at earlier essays, which brought less than a great grade. What were the comments of your instructors? Take these seriously and vow not to make those same errors in the future. Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 11.52.57


There you have it. You will never write an absolutely perfect essay. But if you have a plan and take these 10 tips into account, your chances for a great grade/score are ensured.



Henry Mcdowell is rather a “Jack of all trades.” His passion is researching contemporary issues faced by multiple generations and society as a whole and then writing about them. In his “other life,” he is a writer and editor for several online writing companies and guitar player for a local band.