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MULLICA HILL – Gloucester County Republican Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante, upon learning Governor Phil Murphy was at the Paulsboro Marine Terminal  today, congratulated the Governor on his ability to find Gloucester County.

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“In most cases I’m happy to welcome someone to Gloucester County but in this case I am sure the Governor’s visit has more to do with paying a little attention to South Jersey as he prepares for re-election than it does actual concern for South Jersey,” Gloucester County GOP Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante said. “I can only guess Mr. Murphy came to Paulsboro as part of the American Association of Port Authorities plea for $3.5 billion in relief funding.”

“If the Governor did come to beg for money, I do question the wisdom of federal relief money going to a port that has already cost taxpayers $225 million to build and not generated the jobs promised.” Vigilante added, “If Murphy wants to see how to do it right perhaps he’ll travel one town south and speak with Gibbstown Mayor George Shivery. Under Shivery’s leadership a privately funded port is being built, is operating and has provided revenue to the township.”

“While the Paulsboro Marine Terminal has failed to generate the promised jobs, probably lost money gambling on the import of Russian steel and given taxpayers no return on our $225 million investment, the new port in Gibbstown has resulted in at least four new warehouses being built in neighboring East Greenwich.” Vigilante said, “There is a clear difference in what Republican leadership is bringing to taxpayers versus the money being wasted under Democrat leadership. Mr. Murphy should take the opportunity to see the difference while he’s here, but he won’t.”