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Video: Trump Won't Sign Stimulus Package Because Of All The PORK!

WASHINGTON, DC--The $900 BILLION STIMULUS Bill stipulated $198 Billion for the American people and $700 BILLION in "PORK" for "pet projects" of Congress said, President Trump. After Political elite 2 going through a list of all the foreign countries that were going to benefit along with naming some of the "pet projects" he mentioned that "families of illegal aliens in this country would be eligible for up $1,800 under this legislation which is far more than what Americans would receive".

The President said the nearly 6000-page bill was given to Congress just two hours before they were called to vote on it. Trump said that members of Congress could not have read what was in the package in such a short time because of its length and complexity. He is asking Congress to give Americans $2,000 each, $4,000 for a couple, instead of the small pittance being offered by Congress. "Not enough money is being given to small businesses, especially restaurants. He emphasized that the American people are not at fault for the mess they are in, "it is China's fault".

source Bloomberg Quicktake