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Understanding the Backdrop of Elite Sports in South Korea

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(December 22, 2020)--It is wrong to say that the pandemic of 2020 has kind of highlighted South Korea again in the world map primarily because of its top-class K dramas(ideal for binge-watching) and its quirky boy and girl-bands. While K-Dramas and bands are the latest crazes, the nation of South Korea has many other aspects to offer for its popularity in the atlas.

One of the most important areas, that the nation takes pride in its performance in International Level Championships like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, etc.

Foundation of Elite Sports in South Korea

Elite Sports can be defined as the sporting activities that are an integral part of the internationally celebrated competitions, which are practiced in the country. It is also inclusive of the sportspersons participating in those competitions and championships as well as their management agencies and other related paraphernalia.

The interesting fact is that elite sports have a long-standing history mingled with the socio-political outlook of the country.

If we look closely into the recent South Korean history, we would notice its turf with its northern neighbor that started during the Korean War in the 1950s. Post the war, both the nations were on high alert and prepared for any ad-hoc attacks. Therefore, during the military regime in the 1960s physical education (PE) became mandatory all over the schools and universities, so that foundation military training for all civilians is duly completed.

The practice was essentially termed as sports nationalism. PE credits were made mandatory to clear school as well as university exams. As a result, any average South Korean was athletic by nature thereby making the country’s participation quite easy. An example of the resulting manifestation can be easily figured out by the country’s medal tally in the Olympics games since 1984.

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Impact of Elite Sports in the country

The most common impact of elite sports in the country is via the broadcasting rights distribution. The most popular broadcasters include MBC, 먹튀사이트  SBS, etc. The amount of money rolled in the exchange of these broadcasting rights is huge thus helping the nation greatly on the economic front.

The elite sportspersons like Park Ji-Sung, Kim Yu-Na, and others are highly celebrated all over the nation and heavily inspire the general youth to consider sports as a profession as well as lead a healthy lifestyle thereby increasing the overall health quotient of the nation.

Many think that elite sports have quite overshadowed the school sports and athletics in the country. Not all school athletes and sportspersons have the opportunity to be part of elite sports. There are no such specific laws that would protect their interests and provide for a sustainable job opportunity since they have only basic school education to vouch for.

However, the government has got a hold of the situation and is analyzing the situation to help with such cases in the form of policy amendments, the introduction of new sustainable legislatures, etc.


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