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Top Casino Etiquettes Every Gambler Needs to Follow



(CNBNews)(December 29, 2020)--Although casinos are designed for players to have fun, maintaining decorum is the key to accentuating the ambiance. There are certain unspoken casino etiquettes that all gamblers must know before setting foot in a brick-and-mortar casino. And since amateurs are often in the dark, we’re here to help you learn the ropes.

The Dos of Gambling at a Casino

  1. Be Cordial – No matter whether you’re winning or losing, always be polite. It’s quite easy to get carried away, so don’t forget to behave. If you want to fit in, dress for the occasion. While you don’t have to appear in a tuxedo, make sure you don’t show up in shorts and flip flops. Semi-formal attire works wonders.
  2. Know the Lingo – Dressing and behaving right are two of the three pillars of casino etiquette. Learning the lingo and terminology is the next crucial step. Newbies can impress the veterans by using casino jargon, and this can also add a new dimension to the overall experience.
  3. Get Familiar with Hand Gestures – Understanding the verbal commands will only get you so far. In games like Blackjack, etc. you need to master the art of hand signals, and it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. It’s better to start with the basics and work your way up.
  4. Know Who, When, and How to Tip – While tipping isn’t mandatory, it’s considered to be good casino etiquette. However, if you’re tipping, it’s crucial to get the basics right. As a general rule of thumb, make sure to tip between 10% and 15% of your hand. You can also tip the dealer $1 for small rounds or between $5 and $10 when leaving the table.
  5. Enjoy the Game – Although it might seem a little too much effort at first, don’t forget to enjoy the game. Beginners might feel the heat at times, but think of it this way – every veteran had to start somewhere. So, relax!

The Don’ts of Gambling at a Casino

  1. Keep the Phone Aside – Messing with your phone or constantly taking selfies is a strict no-no. In fact, most croupiers will ask players to switch off their phones or put them in silent at the very least. In case you need to make an urgent call, step away from the table in-between the hands.
  2. Don’t Get Drunk – Although you’re there to unwind, don’t get drunk and be a nuisance for the other players. Sip on a drink or two and call it a day.
  3. Avoid Loud Conversations – We cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping your composure. Try not to take things personally and always keep your voice down. After the game is over and you’ve left the table you can start drinking, yelling, or hi-fiving one another.
  4. Don’t Touch the Chips Placed on the Table – Once your chips are on the table, there’s no changing your mind. Take your time before making a decision and don’t go back on your commitment.

Gambling can be fun, but only if you maintain decorum. Visit Gamblerguy for a list of the best online casinos near you.

image courtesy of Atlantic City NJ