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(CNBNews)(December 29, 2020)--As we approach the final half of the current NFL season, speculations surrounding the Super Bowl contenders have started heating up. In the last few weeks, fans expected to see teams like the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, and Baltimore Ravens vie for the top spot. But not much thought was spared for the underdogs.

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While the first half of the tournament has been thrilling and unprecedented, the second half could be equally surprising. I see numerous teams with high odds this season despite major flaws. At the same time, certain teams failed to make it to the limelight despite a robust start to their Super Bowl journey.

On that note, I’ll highlight three Super Bowl favorites that failed to impress in this season. But before we begin, don’t forget to visit BettingRex for all your sports betting endeavors.

3 Overhyped Super Bowl Favorites that are Unlikely to Win in 2020-21

  1. Seattle Seahawks (+1100) – Russel Wilson might finally receive the recognition he deserves as the Seahawks ride to a respectable 6-2 record riding shotgun. The team doesn’t have many quality wins to its name. And among the six wins this season, the one against the Miami Dolphins is the only one worth mentioning.

The Seahawks lost both matches against the Arizona Cardinals and the Buffalo Bills, two of the Super Bowl contenders this year and that is proof enough of their frail form. Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf have emerged as the deadliest receiving duo in the NFC this year, and Wilson has been feeding them the ball throughout the season. This added pressure has resulted in more than a few bad throws.

  1. Green Bay Packers (+1000) – The Packers can never stay away from any Super Bowl conversation as they’re always in contention for the title. But, it’s quite surprising that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers haven’t made it to the Super Bowl in almost a decade. While the team made three NFC Championship games since its last Super Bowl victory in 2010, they’ve failed to cover the distance since.

Teams need a balanced attack to win the Super Bowl, and the Packers are currently too reliant on Adams and Rogers. While this may get them past the Playoffs, winning the Super Bowl is a different story. If you’re wagering this year, it’s wise to stay away from Green Bay.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (+550) – It’s hard to criticize a team that is undefeated in a season, but hear me out first. The Steelers have played an easy schedule this season. While they emerged victorious against the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens, it’s difficult to argue against the record being inflated.

Their current 8-0 record is being priced too aggressively, and if you’re planning to wager on the Super Bowl, it’s best that you observe the Steelers’ odds first and wait for the books to adjust before committing.

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