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The best ways to reverse erectile dysfunction


(December 28, 2020)Erectile dysfunction is becoming a quite common experience nowadays. Fortunately, with or without taking medication, you can reverse this condition, though the chances of completely treating the condition depend on the underlying cause. 

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Many males can experience erectile dysfunction at least once in their life where you can fail to achieve the desired erection. In severe cases, you can never achieve or sustain an erection again. This article explains the best ways to reverse erectile dysfunction.


How you can reverse erectile dysfunction

It’s worth mentioning that even when erectile dysfunction may not be treatable in some cases, the right treatment tends to reduce or eliminate its symptoms. Doctors classify erectile dysfunction as primary erectile dysfunction and secondary erectile dysfunction. You can visit at to find the right treatment for erectile dysfunction.


Primary erectile dysfunction happens when you have never achieved to have or maintain an erection, though it’s rare. On the other hand, secondary erectile dysfunction happens in men who once experienced regular erectile function. With secondary erectile dysfunction, it’s usually temporary and can be reversed while primary erectile dysfunction may need more intensive and medical treatments. 


In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be treated with surgery or medication. But you can also treat this condition by handling the underlying cause to reverse the symptoms without using any medication. 


However, the best erectile dysfunction treatment usually depends on the individual. Some people find that using traditional treatment methods, such as medication and surgery don’t work for them. These men can use other treatment methods like a penis pump to treat their erectile dysfunction. Here are three categories for treating erectile dysfunction:


Short-term treatments

The short-term treatments can help you to achieve or maintain an erection, though it doesn’t address the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. For instance, sildenafil can increase blood flow to the penis, but this is a short-term relief from erectile dysfunction. It can also help people with other health conditions like atherosclerosis and diabetes to get an erection.


It addresses the underlying cause

Primary treatments can address the problem that is causing erectile dysfunction. When clogged arteries are causing erectile dysfunction, you can take medication or even exercise regularly to improve cardiovascular health. This can remove erectile dysfunction or decrease the frequency of episodes.


Psychological treatments

Psychological treatments can help to reduce anxiety, leading to an increase in self-confidence. The cause of erectile dysfunction can be psychological, so the condition can lead to anxiety. Psychological treatments can increase self-confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve your relationship with your sexual partner. 


Even better, these changes can increase the chances that other treatment methods become effective. Some people realize that intense anxiety about sex can prevent some treatments from working properly. Hence, you need to address this anxiety to improve the overall results. 


As you can see, it’s important to consult your doctor so that they can check if you have an underlying health problem. Erectile dysfunction may be the first sign that you have diabetes-related nerve damage, neurological problem, or cardiovascular disease.

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