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Simple Ways to Change IP Address for Dummies


(December 4, 2020)--Modern life provides people with various opportunities. You can easily find any information you need, contact people that are currently in the other part of the world, study, and work without any limits. However, this way of life has its challenges, and it is necessary to be well-aware of it. For example, whether you’re a regular Internet user, a businessman, or a corporate employee, you need to think about your online security. That’s why you may wonder how to change IP address. We can provide you with several options, and most of them are absolutely free! But let’s start with the basics.


Why do you need to hide your IP?

Most likely, you’re connected to Wi-Fi right now. What does it mean? If there is a person who is connected to the same network, one can see your IP address and even interfere with it. Remember the most famous social engineering cases, when people switched Wi-Fi on their computers, and hackers stole their data.


So, if you know for sure, “I need to change my IP address to keep my information and online presence secure,” read on, and find out how you can benefit from these opportunities.  

  1. Connect to a VPN

A VPN (short for virtual private network) is an application, a desktop program, or a browser extension that is able to encrypt the user’s Internet connection and route it to a particular location through a server. When you use such software, it provides you with its server’s IP address, and therefore websites, devices, online services, and nobody else doesn’t see your real IP. 


Best applications such as VeePN VPN Firefox have servers in dozens of countries so that you can get access to various locations and IP addresses to choose from. It helps you to protect yourself, to download some geo-blocked content, etc. VeePN can also be used to bypass censorship at work and when traveling abroad. And before you get your feet wet, you can try a free trial to understand whether you really like this software.

  1. Use a proxy

Proxies work similar to browser VPN Firefox, but they are not so much versatile as secure. There is a middleman server the connection has to go through, and all online resources can’t see your own IP address. However, when you VPN extension firefox, it can provide you with encryption, and it doesn’t let certain apps leak your data. 

There are several proxies types, e.g., http/s, socks, SSH, with their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re going to choose this option, go for paid proxies since free ones come with plenty of security threats.


  1. Use Tor 

If you’re not a newbie on the Internet, most likely you’ve heard about Tor. It is not the IP changer online initially, it is an anonymity network supported by volunteers that provides users with various opportunities that are not allowed beyond.


Want to try your hands on Tor? The easiest way is to install the Tor browser that routes all your web traffic through its network. It encrypts your connection and sends information through various nodes. Their sequence changes all the time to make the tracing traffic back to the source impossible. As a result, the websites you visit don’t see your IP address, they see only the last node’s IP. 


The good news is that Tor is free, but in comparison with browser VPN firefox, it has some drawbacks. For example, it works slower, and its anonymity is often associated with something illegal since many hackers and scammers use it to access the dark web. Besides, your Internet Service Provider and law enforcement can’t track your activity, but they can understand that you’re currently using Tor nodes.

  1. Unplug your modem

There is one more way to receive a new IP address. It is very easy and absolutely free. You even don’t need to deal with any software. All you need is to unplug your modem, wait for a couple of minutes, and plug it back in. So, when you reconnect, your ISP will provide you with a new address.


Though this approach is very easy and doesn’t require any effort it can’t be as secure as VPN extension Firefox. Nobody can provide you with a guarantee that your provider won’t give you the same IP address. You can leave the modem unplugged to increase your chances but is definitely not so convenient. Besides, you can’t get an address that belongs to another country, and, therefore, reaches geo-blocked content. 

  1. Ask your Internet Service Provider

Pay attention to the fact that all ISPs have their own policies about IP addresses, so they may confirm or decline your request. At least, you should be well-aware of it to know what exactly you can expect.


For example, it is important to understand whether your provider works with dynamic address systems or static ones. If you have a static IP, you can change it only when you setup VPN Firefox or any other application with the same purposes. But when your IP address is dynamic, and you don’t need to connect to other services, you can change it from time to time connecting and disconnecting your devices. 


  1. Change networks

If you’re currently connected to a network, you can disconnect from it and choose the other one. It can be another Wi-Fi network or a mobile data connection if you use the Internet from your smartphone.


Remember that you need to be especially attentive when you use public and open Wi-Fi hotspots, e.g., in the park or the cafe. Try to choose encrypted networks that require a password. However, they are still not 100% secure, so take care of your data. 

Wrapping Up

We have listed several essential methods that will help you to change your IP address. However, you should remember that in most cases, your Internet Service Provider knows your IP. When you unplug your device or choose the closed Wi-Fi network, it still has access to your web traffic.

That’s why it is so important to choose more reliable ways, e.g., to setup VPN Firefox that encrypts all information before it ever leaves your smartphone or computer. Even when your ISP is able to see that you’re online, the content is hidden.


Always remember that it is important to take care of your online security. Feel free when using the Internet and its opportunities!