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Privately Run South Jersey Veterans Center Needs A New Roof; Can You Help?

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Bob Kotter, of Gloucester City and Kathleen Van Stine (CNBNews photo)


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews

LINDENWOLD, NJ (December 30, 2020)--In 2015 Michael and Kathleen Van Stine founded the SpectraCare® Foundation using Michael's $130,000 retirement fund to launch the project. The Foundation will help veterans (Veterans Assist), senior citizens (Seniors Advantage), and animals in need (Paws Plus).

"That retirement fund was every cent in our savings; today we both live on what we receive from Social Security," she said. 

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Kotter, who is a volunteer member of the organization's advisory board said, "We're trying to put together a veteran Center with no government money. We have the building, we have construction covered, electrical covered, plumbing covered, HVAC covered. We have a doctor, a nurse, an examination room, a room that is going to have laptops in it for the older veterans most importantly we have a psychiatrist for the veterans who are having trouble with suicide and we have a lawyer. This will all be done with no government money. It is a non-profit Foundation but we're having trouble, we need a roof on the building, we can't go any further on the inside without a new roof. Hopefully, members of the roofer's union or carpenter's union will hear our plea."  Pictured on the right is Kathleen Van Stine. (CNBNews photo)


"My husband and I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again. Remember in life there is always someone who is worst off than you, and there are many veterans out there living on the streets who fit that category. I am proud to say all the money that has been received in donations has been used for this project.  Not one penny of it goes to Michael or me nor does it go to any member on the Board of Directors."

The Directors include Michael Van Stine, president; Kathleen Van Stine vice president; SaraJane Stenton(Lt. Colonel USAF-Retired) vice president; Manuel Nunez, treasure; Marisa Betancourt, secretary.

The Board members, all volunteers, became active in 2019. 

"Our operating budget is about $8,000 a month, which is used to pay utilities and other items. 

Damage from the ceiling tiles from the roof leaking can be seen throughout the building. (CNBNews)

Mrs. Van Stine said the renovations to the SpectraCare® building, located at 777 Blackwood Clementon Road, Lindenwold, are on hold presently because the roof is leaking. The Veterans Center which is named in honor of Captain Carlton R. Rouh will share space with SpectraCare.  A tour of the building exposed numerous spots in the ceiling both on the upper floor and the bottom floor that have been damaged by rainwater leaking from the roof.


"We are hoping that members of one of the roofer unions or carpenter unions in the South Jersey/Philadelphia region would volunteer their time to put a new roof on the building. We are also asking for donations from the public. We can't proceed any further until the roof is replaced. Sadly the water is damaging the new ceiling tiles and sheetrock that have already been installed. We are so close to finishing the construction," she said. 

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Mrs. Van Stine said the flat roof is about 4500 square feet. The estimated repair cost, $40,000. "We have raised money from golf outings but not enough money to pay for a new roof. We have received help from several contractors who either donated material or physical help with the inside construction."

SCF-VACSNJ-building-300x256The SpectraCare building


The SpectraCare’s building sits on a grassy campus, abutting a freshwater creek with lots of trees and serenity. Outdoor space renovations, including social and picnic areas, are planned. Interior renovations include meeting areas, office space, a small conference center, computer workstations, a lounge area with comfortable seating and a large screen TV, and a large internal wall display bookcase for vet service awards. A food preparation area has also been integrated.  The office areas of the building have been designed to provide staff and veteran privacy for the foundation-sponsored program and VA benefits enrollment and one-on-one counseling. A large group area has been segregated with seating for up to 30 vets for varied educational and training opportunities in concert with Rutgers University, Camden County College, and other area nonprofit training providers. Offerings will range from off-campus classes, vocational instruction, and apprenticeship training to financial planning and life-skills management seminars. Overall, the center is envisioned as a place for local vets to congregate, socialize, learn, share, teach, inspire, mentor. (source SpectraCare brochure)

Besides the Board of Directors, there is also a volunteer Advisory Board consisting of 38 members. They include: 

Reverend William Hamilton(veteran), Sergeant William Mead(veteran), Dr. Jaye Silver(veteran), Dr. Michael Mimms(veteran), Dr. Vernon Hall(veteran), Tyran Wheaton(veteran), Robert Dalesandro(veteran), Rich Beswick(veteran).

Also, Reno Reali(veteran), Janice Holland-Cross(veteran), Bob Kotter(veteran), Joe Govan(veteran and son in law of Carlton R. Rouh), Jackie Govan(daughter of Carlton R. Rouh), Dave Cornwell(Buck Construction)(Friends of Clementon Pantry), Sharon Miller, Dr. Jennifer Warren, Michael Gorham, David Still, Don Moser, Dan Stott(Signs by Dan), John Gugel(painter).

Also, Albie Delgado, Clayton Leslie, Justin Green(photographer), Jeff Nelson Chris Cohen, Chris Conklin(electrical), Kenny Mufalli, Jr.(plumber), Gina Martuccio(healing arts), David Thompson, Doug Holcombe, Jeff Lingo(Acme Lingo Flag), Joshua Haas, Ed Paul, Esq. (general counsel), Amy Murray-Hyde Darlene Supnick(Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue), Laurie Huggins(Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue), and CPL Bruce Williams(veteran), who recently died. 

Who was Captain Rouh (May 11, 1919 – December 8, 1977)? He was a United Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 15.46.56States Marine who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for gallantry risking his life to save the lives of two fellow Marines on Peleliu Island on September 15, 1944. Then First Lieutenant Rouh threw his body between his fellow Marines and an exploding grenade. During World War II, 21 Marines similarly used their bodies to cover grenades to save the lives of others. Four of these Marines survived — including Rouh and fellow Medal of Honor recipients Richard E. Bush, Richard K. Sorenson, and Jacklyn H.Lucas.


For more information call (856) 255-1100 334-3130 Ext. 102

DIRECT: (609) 330-1228

e-mail: [email protected]

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