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New Year, New Business: 7 Tips On How To Start A New Business in 2021

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(December 28, 2020)--We tend to associate the new year as a symbol for a new beginning--a brand new chapter to make choices and decisions and chase unbelievably golden opportunities such as pursuing your long time dream and passion, applying for a new job, buying a new house for investment, or starting a small business for financial development. 


If you plan to pursue the latter, you must remember that starting a new business would require your effort, preparedness, patience, and willingness to take a risk. Aside from that, it would also require you to have a concrete and feasible plan for it to grow and be successful in the future. So, to help and guide you on how to start a new business for the upcoming year, here is a list of helpful tips:


Make Use Of The Internet

Since we are already living in the 21st century, where everything can be instantly done with the help of the internet and technology, you must start being resourceful and maximize that technology to help you start your business. Utilize some of the most helpful business software you can find online to organize your plan for your business.


There is a lot of useful business software that you can find online. Some of these include the Weave that can help you save time coordinating with your customers and deliver services, Google Sheets in organizing your business data and information, and many others.


Choose The Right Business For You

Before you start planning and running your business, you must determine what products you intend to sell. It would be best to choose a type of product close to your heart or is related to the things you are most passionate about. For instance, if you are fond of baking sweet goods, you may opt to start a food-related business. Or, if you are into make-ups, you may choose to start a new brand of cosmetics.


Make A Feasible Business Plan

It is essential to make a business plan when starting a new business. It will serve as a blueprint that contains all your goals, detailed plans and information, market and competitor analysis, customer segmentation, and the overall plan towards your business's long-term progress. 


Writing a business plan should be your first step in starting your business. Having a well-outlined business plan would help you make better decisions and secure financing for your business. It would also allow you to see the broader picture of the market and avoid making big mistakes.


Don't Procrastinate, Begin Now!

If you keep on delaying or postponing your plan to start a business, you won't get anywhere near success at all. There will be no progress, and you'll eventually lose your opportunity and excitement about your plan. Thus, it would be best to start working on it when you decide that you are determined to start your new business. 


Count The Cost

Starting a new business would undoubtedly require you to invest some of your money to cover all the expenses and costs of materials to be used in running your business. In listing down all the possible costs and expenses, you must include the raw materials and suppliers' payments, the equipment depreciation, the employee wages, the payroll taxes, etc. 


Suppose your savings or funds are not enough to cover all your starting expenses or capital. In that case, you may opt to apply for a business loan, a type of unsecured loan that acknowledges you to borrow a sum of cash to be used as capital or fund for your business. 


Address Your Doubts

Since starting a business requires taking financial risks, it is only natural that you have your doubts. But it should not be an obstruction or hindrance for you to start planning and running your business. The best way to conquer these doubts is to face them and address each of them by anticipating and listing down all the possible problems you might encounter and providing doable solutions for each of them.


Be Consistent

Running a business is a long-term commitment. So, you must be consistent in your efforts and dedication in managing your business. Always stick to your plan and always look ahead in the future to get motivated in managing your business. When you face a problem that you did not anticipate, don't feel demotivated. Instead, you must try your best to innovate and create a solution to this problem.



Starting a new business is not as carefree and uncomplicated as walking in the park. There are many things and factors to consider and, not to mention, the risks to take. But you can always walk past them when you are determined, motivated, and are equipped with a long-term plan. The tips mentioned above may help you start your business, but you must remember that its growth and progress depend on you.