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LineSwings: Eagles nearly defied the in-game odds makers

PHILADELPHIA PA (December 20, 2020)—According to Philadelphia-based sports gambling analytics company LineSwings, the Philadelphia Eagles became 19.5-point underdogs to the Arizona Cardinals when the Eagles were down 16-0 in the 2nd quarter of today's game.  The live money line also ballooned to +2,500 at that time.  Jalen Hurts and the Eagles nearly defied the in-game odds makers during their 33-26 loss to the Cardinals.  The betting line at kickoff had the Eagles as 6-point underdogs.

LineSwings is a sports gambling analytics company that officially launched on Dec. 11, 2020 and was featured this week in the Philadelphia Business Journal.  LineSwings offers exclusive data and graphs of the live betting lines and money lines throughout NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA men’s basketball games.  Based in Philadelphia, LineSwings is available worldwide as a free service at and their iOS app via the App Store.

"Today's Eagles game is a perfect example of how to use LineSwings to gain an advantage," said Patrick Dougherty, Managing Partner of LineSwings.  "If you received our notification in the 2nd quarter or were on our app following our graphs, you would know the best time to head to your favorite sportsbook to place a bet.  No surprise, Jalen Hurts brought a spark that led to an Eagles comeback by halftime.  The final score was within 1-point of the opening line.  You would have been sitting pretty with the Eagles +19.5."

Sports betting on mobile devices is now legal in 12 states including Pennsyvania and New Jersey.