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How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Labradoodles: An Effective Guide

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(December 11, 2020)--The Labradoodle is a hybrid dog that results from crossing a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. The coat colours and texture of this breed differ somewhat but they can be generally grouped into three classes. Choosing the best shampoo for Labradoodle is something that should be done carefully. You can check the best shampoo for labradoodles reviewed here.

Fleece Coat 

Labradoodles having this coat type have very long wavy fur that is soft and silky to the touch.Those specimens having this coat texture are notable for the fact that they shed very little fur.

Wool Coat 

Labradoodles with this coat type are characterised by having tight curls which look and feel like wool. It is also non-shedding .

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Hair Coat

This type has fur that more closely resembles hair than fur. It is usually wavy or straight and sheds heavily, and labradoodles with this coat type are not suited for homes whose occupants are likely to have allergies. 

Why Use Shampoos?

With their generally heavy coats, labradoodles need regular baths and brushing, after which they also need to be shampooed with an appropriate shampoo. The question is, which shampoo to buy and use on your Labradoodle. 

Choosing the Shampoo

Their many varied coat colours and textures mean that dog owners have to be careful about the shampoo they use on their dog. The different dog shampoos on the market are suited for particular coat types. 

What to Consider

Labradoodles lack an undercoat and this fact makes it unnecessary to use deep cleaning shampoos. Still, they have coats of widely differing types and textures so it is vital to choose a shampoo that is exactly appropriate for your dog. For example, if your dog
comes in regular contact with smelly objects it is advisable to choose a shampoo that does not dry out the dog's skin if it is bathed regularly.

If your Labradoodle happens to have sensitive skin or has allergies it is wise to choose a shampoo that does not irritate the skin and worsens the situation or condition of their skin. The best shampoo for Labradoodles reviewed here.

Lavender Scented Shampoos

Lavender scented shampoos are great for coat rejuvenation. Also, shampoos with oils and plant extracts work to sooth itchy or irritated skin. Other essential ingredients to look out for when shopping for Labradoodle shampoos are chamomile and aloe vera which imparts a lovely lasting shine to the dog’s coat. 

The shampoo should leave your dog smelling nice and fresh. Choose a shampoo that moisturises the dog's  coat. A shampoo that moisturises and conditions the dog's coat makes it easy to brush off tangles in the skin and it also makes removal of mats easier. Shampoos laced with coconut oil and mango juice are good for preventing matting and for moisturising dry skin.


Skin Sensitivity

Dog's skin contains fewer layers than human skin and therefore is much more sensitive  to foreign chemicals. It is therefore never a good idea to use shampoo meant for humans on a dog. When choosing shampoo for your Labradoodle, look for brands that contain natural ingredients. These are gentle on the skin and do not cause itchiness. Look for shampoos with oatmeal for example to prevent skin irritation. 


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