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How Does Meeting New People Affect Mental Health?

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(December 8, 2020)--You may not be a fan of psychology and may know nothing about psychology. But it is worth paying attention to the clearest, literate, universal, and understandable advice from the experts in this field. For example, psychologists state that meeting and connecting with new people can solve mental health and depression issues. This method positively affects young and older people's mental health. They explain it by a few main factors. Let’s check them out!

1. How New People Affect Our Health Conditions?

American psychologists have proven the benefits of new acquaintances for human mental health. Scientists have decided to find out whether new acquaintances affect the psychological health of the human individual. If you want to improve your psychological and physical state, make more new acquaintances and find new friends. First of all:

  • Meeting new people allows you to feel confident
  • It also helps to expand horizons


After summing up and researching the results, psychologists found that the health of those people who managed to get to know a much larger number of people became much stronger, including the mental and emotional state. Besides:

  • New acquaintances increase people's self-esteem
  • At the same time, it increases positive feelings within the hormones of happiness



With all this, the scientists observed the psychological state of the participants in the experiment. That is why psychologists advise their clients to get to know new people more often when possible, since this way you can not only find friends but also improve your mental state.


2. How to Deal with Your Fear of Meeting New People?

A recent poll on meetmesexy showed that mature people are willing to meet new people, but at the same time, they feel shy. If you feel that your fear of meeting new people and disturbs you, let’s see a few tips on coping with the issue.


When talking about the fear of meeting new people, we can say that you may be lonely. Loneliness is understood as a state or situation in which people find themselves alone against the will. Loneliness is the feeling that there is no one with whom to talk or spend time. The following feelings and experiences are associated with loneliness:

  • uselessness
  • rejection
  • anxiety
  • sorrow
  • depression
  • sleep problems


Talking about loneliness and fear of meeting new people is difficult because of the stigma and shame. Feelings of weakness can lead to feelings of rejection. Rejection is a feeling that you are not worthy of the help or attention of others. You can cope with the issue by visiting a psychologist expert and by practicing and enhancing your confidence.

3. Where Can You Find Places to Communicate with New People

Feeling isolated from other people can be deeply discouraging. At the same time, prolonged loneliness weakens the stock of mental health. In the 21st century, you can find many great means that help you connect and communicate with new people. If you noticed that for a long time, you had not experienced joy, you might connect with new friends online:

  • Use social networks,
  • Join dating websites,
  • Visit online events and chatrooms,
  • Text in forums, etc.


Other places to communicate with people could be:

  • Meet-ups with locals by interests and hobbies (drawing, ceramics, cars repair, etc.)
  • Sports events,
  • Wineries weekend,
  • Tourism and traveling,
  • Couchsurfing events or Airbnb experiences by meeting foreigners.

4. How Does Age Affect the Desire to Make New Contacts?

In old age, previous experience influences the way we perceive the world around us. Feeling and suffering from feelings of loneliness and boredom may cause depression that needs treatment. Loneliness and the desire to make new contacts among older people is common in Finland. Various phenomena can cause it. Feelings of loneliness come from your own experience, but different factors can influence this. But the desire to spend quality time with other people is rising too. This also influences making life changes.