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Five Crucial Factors to Consider When Betting on the NFL in Neutral Venues


(CNBNews)(December 29, 2020)--Technically speaking, sporting events hosted at neutral venues should give all participating teams an equal chance of winning. But that’s hardly the case as a court or home-field advantage still exists.


While the weather can be a factor affecting performance, jet lag is hardly an issue since all teams will usually fly to the destination well in advance to recuperate. Most neutral-venue games are traditionally held at least two weeks after their previous games. Hence, punters can expect both sides to be a tad rusty at first.

There are quite a few factors to consider while picking the odds during neutral-venue games. Let’s explore a few in detail. But before we begin, we recommend you to check Betpack for special betting tips on NFL.

Top 5 Factors Affecting the Odds at Neutral Venue Sporting Events

  1. Jet Lag Isn’t a Problem – Don’t worry about the teams being jet-lagged when playing at a neutral venue. The only time this would be a concern if the timeline was preponed without prior notice. When you consider events like March Madness, the Super Bowl, the College World Series, etc., they are often hosted in a single time zone. Therefore, all participants arrive in advance and are well rested by the tournament.
  2. Home Field Advantage is a Thing – While this isn’t always true, if you pitch the Pittsburg Steelers against the Carolina Panthers at a neutral venue in Minnesota during the Super Bowl, for instance, the Steelers will be at a clear advantage. The only exception is if both teams are equally popular with the fans. Therefore, analyzing the fan base is crucial when calculating the odds of winning.
  3. The Weather Plays a Crucial Role – While this isn’t fair, some Super Bowl venues don’t have retractable roofs, The NFL has even experimented with hosting events during the cold weather in New York. The weather is a contributing factor when it comes to individual performance and must be taken into account when analyzing the odds. Don’t forget to keep tabs on sudden rain, cold wind, and similar redundancies before placing a wager.
  4. Expect Rusty Performance During the Start – Since most sporting events at neutral venues are held at least two weeks after a major tournament, players tend to be a little out of form, at first. This is a temporary problem that is usually resolved within a month for college football teams. And while this may not affect the spread, it can definitely be a headache for punters.
  5. Don’t Bet on the Over/Under Early – This one applies to you only if you’re keen on betting on spreads and over/under. Your best bet is to place a wager just as you would have during regular or post-season. Don’t tweak anything as the scenario is usually unpredictable. As mentioned above, most teams begin rusty but usually find their form by the second half of the tournament.


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