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CNBNews Cheers and Jeers November 2020


William E. Cleary Sr. and Friends | CNBNews


CHEER-To people with the courage to speak up for what is right. In a society that is declining into an abyss of sin and debauchery through the moral decay of a society lowering the bar and accepting of everything wrong and backward and it takes pure courage to still speak up for decency. Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 15.17.52


JEER – The Peyton and Me Meandering articles on CNBNews have highlighted some of the good and bad things in our community. The bad things shown in the pictures is a direct reflection on residents living here who don't give a damm about our city. Sadly those photos are also an undeserved reflection on those who do care. Those sickening images of blight, trash, code violations, as well as unsanitary and unsafe conditions spotlighted by multiple posts and articles by Daniel Boggs and Mr. Cleary point out that some city workers and elected officials are not doing their jobs.  Enough is enough. Time to fire those employees and politicians who don’t care. Ticket and fine the owners of those derelict properties, and if they don't pay the fine file a lien against their property.  Why is there no response at all from the city or elected officials?


CHEER– Kudos to Gloucester City Mayor Dan Spencer and Council members for
holding their meeting virtual again.


JEER- To those individuals who post comments on social media, blogs, and news media sites and use name-calling and hurling insults. If a person's opinions, thoughts, or even ideals differ from your own causing you to resort to this tactic you clearly show a lack of intelligence and an abundance of ignorance as well as cowardice because they don’t even use their real name.


CHEER- For those who remain kind to others. People can be very disappointing, and keeping one's self of mind to help others can be difficult. Many do so anyway and believe in helping others and being kind. These are the true heroes and they should be saluted.


JEER-Given to all Mayors, Governors, and officials who are “locking down” citizens, and business’s claiming “virus” spikes while at the same time completely disregarding those instructions themselves. ANY politician or official who makes a rule that they consider themselves exempt from is unfit to hold office or position.


CHEER—GHS Fall Athletes for following State Covid guidelines preventing a shut down of any fall sports.


JEER- To the incredibly inept politicians across the nation who supported rioting, looting, and criminal insanity caused by a result of media misrepresenting and spinning certain stories. These same politicians who committed this dereliction of office and duty by DOING NOTHING to curtail it, now have the unmitigated audacity to call on the citizens who were victims of this criminal invasion and ask them for “unity”. That gall is astounding.


CHEER – Glad to see the Gloucester City Public School District went back to remote during this time of rising COVID-19 infections and are extending the plan until the end of January. The back and forth of schedules at the beginning of the school year were too hectic.

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 12.36.25
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JEER—What is with the mail delivery in the Riverview Heights area of Gloucester City? Sometimes it arrives at 7 PM. The circulars are always received after the date of the sale. When you ask the Letter carrier why he is so late he blames President Trump and the Postmaster General. Bring back the Pony Express the horses were faster and worked for less money.


Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 12.47.41

CHEER – To the amazing workers at the Gloucester City Library. They always go above and beyond. 


JEER-The Gloucester City School Supt. Dennis Vespe should have locked the schools down sooner, in my opinion. Thankful the Camden County Health Department told him it was best to close. I also feel Vespe was to slow informing the public and parents of students about the positive cases among the employees. 


JEER – Shame on the owners of the River Pointe Apartment Homes, formerly known as Chatham Square, for installing a tasteless and tacky television-style sign at the intersection of Klemm and Route 130 North. At night when the sign is on with the video playing it looks terrible.

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CHEER- The apartments inside look fantastic. Really top-notch and beautiful. If they can rent them at the price they are asking (between $1400 and $1800 a month) it will truly bring in a wave of high-income earners and consumers to boost area economic growth.


JEER – More trash cans are needed at all city parks, especially at the Johnson Blvd. jogging track. Can you please fix that walking path at the same time, It is a disgrace, hard to walk on, and is unsafe. The nearby playground needs sprucing up too.  Such a shame this large open space is underutilized and not properly maintained. Same for Proprietors Park and Freedom Pier. These areas could be a beacon and attractions for our city. 

Editor's Note: Some of the monthly Cheers and Jeers you read in this column come from the 70 people who we asked to help us with their suggestions. They represent all walks of life. Such as politicians, priests, ministers, Imagesteachers, police, firemen, grandparents, fathers, mothers, business owners, and average Joe's.  They give us their thoughts on a variety of topics as long as they can remain anonymous.  If you would like to join the group send us your email address to CNBNews1@gmail.com. 


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