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(December 21, 2020)--Have you ever been to a restaurant that serves exotic food? If not, you should definitely go to one. You can also buy frozen exotic food from stores that sell exotic parts of animals and cook it in your home. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to cook these delicate foods because the pack usually comes with instructions.


Exotic food can be difficult to find sometimes, but you can actually browse the internet for stores that sell exotic food. It would also be best to buy it personally so you can choose the parts you want. Here are some exotic meats you can try cooking:

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Although some people mistake rocky mountain oysters for seafood, these oysters aren’t actually seafood nor are they actual oysters. Rocky mountain oysters are actually bull’s testicles. Yes, you read it right, they are bull’s testicles.


Don’t get it wrong though, testicles aren’t exclusively harvested for food. Castration often serves a better purpose in the animal husbandry industry. As ranchers and cowboys did not want to waste any part of the animal, they eventually came up with rocky mountain oysters.


The most common way to cook this delicacy is by coating it with batter or flour and deep frying it. Before cooking, ensure that the testicles are skinned and cleaned thoroughly. Soak them in brine and dry the testicles completely before cooking. 

Grilled Wild Boar

Although a lot of people eat pork all over the world, wild boar is somewhat a rarity for a lot of them. You can find wild boars roaming in deep forests, usually foraging for food on the ground. Hunting these animals can be difficult as they are elusive and difficult to find. When a hunter finally claims his bounty on a wild boar, it’s a feast from there.


Wild boar meat is usually tougher compared to the pork we’re all used to. To fight off that toughness, people often soak water and use meat tenderizer. Once the meat is tender, you can easily grill wild boar meat. Here are some benefits to eating wild boar meat.


  • Very low in Low-density Lipoproteins, a.k.a LDL or bad cholesterol
  • Very high in protein
  • Contains vitamins like Thiamin, Niacin, and Riboflavin

Roasted Crocodile

As an apex predator, one would think that crocodile meat is a no-go on this list. However, there are people who eat crocodile meat. In the Philippines for example, people often create lots of dishes out of crocodile meat. From whole-roasted crocodile to deep-fried crocodile fritters, the list is endless.


Due to the environment they live in, most people think that crocodile meat tastes bad. On the contrary, it’s this environment and the animal’s diet that makes the meat clean and healthy to eat. People who’ve tasted crocodile meat say that it tastes mildly fishy and chewy. A lot of people compare it to quail meat.

Kangaroo Fillet

If you want a whole new experience with meat dishes, you should definitely try going marsupial. In this case, Kangaroo meat. This meat is probably one of the most difficult to obtain as kangaroo meat can only be exported from Australia. Due to its rarity, demand in countries such as the US is high.


Kangaroo’s meat, according to some people, tastes like venison meat. Other people describe kangaroo meat as gamey and has a strong earthy and beefy flavor. The meat is tough and lean, making it a healthy choice for people who want to avoid meat with high cholesterol. Kangaroo meat can be a good substitute for beef as dish preparations are often similar with beef.

Cazuela de Llama

In Southern American countries, llama is often bred for its coat which is used in producing heavy clothing good for winter. However, llama can also be a good source of protein. Cazuela de Llama is a traditional meat stew dish served in Argentina. This dish is hearty and meaty, often described as tasting something between beef and lamb. 


The meat, as with other exotic meats, is full of protein and lean. Because of these qualities, llama meat often dries out quickly, which is why most people like to cook it in a thick sauce. If llama meat is to be served like a steak, then going medium-rare is the sweet spot for this dish.


A lot of people are used to eating pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and other common meats in the market. However, some like to be more adventurous and enjoy eating exotic meats. Let’s get it straight though, the term “exotic” can have a different meaning in some countries. What’s exotic in your country, might not be exotic in other countries. 


For example, llama meat is a rare delicacy in the northern parts of the Americas, but for Argentians and other South American people, llama is served on a daily basis. If you’re one of the adventurous types when it comes to eating, then you should definitely try all the meats listed on this article.