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Benefits of an Email Signature 


(December 18, 2020)--An email signature is a great thing to add at the end of an email, as it can be used to benefit your marketing and day-to-day communications. Email signatures should be an important part of a brand's management strategy, however, too many people and employees are not using them, or not implementing them effectively, which can be detrimental to a business. 


Here is a look at some of the benefits of an email marketing signature and why your business needs to use them.


It Makes the Brand Consistent


When having an email signature attached to the end of emails, it helps businesses better promote their business and tie in all their correspondence into one recognizable theme and brand. This consistency helps to make the business appear more professional and high end, which can build trust with customers. 


Your signature can be used to set the tone and convey values and the identity of the business, and your role within it. To make a glorious email signature that matches your brand and displays it in a positive way, check out this Email signature software for Office 365. 


It Looks Professional 


When sending emails to potential clients or business partners, it’s important to make them look as professional as possible, so that you send off a good first impression to make them more inclined to deal with you and use your service. Professionalism can be conveyed in various ways in email, such as using perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling, but one of the best ways to look professional is through a good email signature. 


This is because this signature can be a great way to cap off an email and present important information about yourself that the recipient can use for further correspondence. Implementing a signature also removes the tacky and unprofessional looking ‘sent from Windows 365’ signature that most free email platforms add onto your emails. 


To make a professional looking signature, be sure to include your name and role. You should also use a good font and color scheme that conveys the emotions you want readers to feel about you and your business. Finally, include any extra details that can be useful, such as your office address, out of office hours or a business number. 


It Allows You to Link to Promotions 


Email signatures are a great thing to add to an email marketing campaign, as it gives you the opportunity to add links to promotions or other online domains that can benefit your business and create a greater sense of connectivity. 


For example, a standard email signature can include links to your social channels or to your website, so that you can hopefully turn this past customer into either a repeat buyer or a social media follow. Furthermore, you can also add links to discounts and promotions that the business is running to give the recipient an incentive to shop again. These links can also be tracked, which is useful when conducting analysis.  


A professional email doesn’t take much effort to set up, but the rewards can be considerable.


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