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AVALON, NJ--The Avalon Borough Council approved a new ordinance on December 16ththat regulates the future implementation of wireless communication upgrades and services, including the implementation of 5G technology.  The ordinance requires wireless communications technologies to follow a process in order to use, or place, any new facilities in the public right of way to expand wireless communication services while simultaneously protecting the aesthetic environment in the municipality. Down the shore 7

“This was a comprehensive process that resulted in Avalon to permit the fair and equitable implementation of advanced wireless communication opportunities while protecting the integrity of our neighborhoods”, said Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi.  “While we welcome the implementation of the new technologies and services, this ordinance requires the carriers to integrate into, and not dominate, our residential, commercial, and open space areas”.

The new ordinance mandates the wireless carriers to present a plan to Borough Council that represents which existing utility poles or any new “stealth” poles that will be necessary to implement the enhanced services.  Prior to the submission of any plan, the carrier must also present an inventory of existing facilities that may be used to the Borough for consideration of any new plan that is presented.

“Avalon’s administration and telecommunications expert Dominic Villecco from V-COMM worked for many months to integrate future requests for the implementation of 5G and other technologies that are imminent”, said Avalon Councilman Sam Wierman who is a member of the committee that developed the ordinance.  “A proactive, island-wide approach retains local regulation over the implementation and aesthetics of future technologies and avoids a mandated one size, fits all approach that will likely be approved by legislators in Trenton”.  Stone Harbor officials were also actively involved in the development of a similar ordinance that is likely to be considered by its governing body in early 2021.

The ordinance adopted in Avalon requires the carriers to pay appropriate fees, escrow amounts, and recurring fees during the time that the wireless communication equipment is in place.  It mandates the carriers to maintain all equipment and remove equipment when it is being replaced, or no longer used.

Various communications carriers are anxious to implement 5G wireless technology throughout the region to improve the transmission of wireless phone calls, text messages, video, and audio.  The capacities in various regions for current 4G technologies is close to reaching full capacity which accelerates the desire for the carriers to implement 5G technology.

To view the ordinance, click here:  ORD-813-2020-Wireless-Facilities-Amend-Ch-15-FINAL-11-23-2020

source Borough of Avalon